Monday, October 20, 2008

I just told a huge seceret

I just told one of my biggest secerets. I used some uppers and my secerets came pourning out of me.
I was at so and so's house. I was asking him a bunch of questions about his childhood, and how he views his life. I told him I was profileing him. Which in a way I was. Me mum has a book about pyschology profiling, and when I got back to my place I plan on looking up the info I found out on this person.
The seceret I told so and so, was about the baby girl I had on May 28th 2008. I had the baby in that place I don' dare mention, and was only allowed seven totally days bondingwith Annagrace. I did not put a fathers name on the birth certifict. I knew that the dads were either one guy I dated or the other guy that I slept with once out of blue, but we were just buddies. There is no way in the world, i would tell the one night stand guy that I may have had his child.
The other guy, I finally came out and told him that I had a little girl, and she might be his. Annagrae jr, is living back home in the Midwest with family members I trust very very much.
I came to Hawaii without her, because I didn't think I would make a good mommy. I use drugs, lie, steal, I cheat, I manipulate, I am emotionally imature. I'm about as mature as a the baby herself. She is almost six months old. and finally she will find out who her daddy is. Her daddy is also a drug addict. Poor girl.


Anonymous said...

That's some lown down dirty shit. Have you no pride in yourself? I know you aint got no shame.

shananiganss said...

You had a baby? Holy crap. Are you joking or no?

AnnaGrace said...

I never had a baby. no I have no shame. I was just trying to get high, and lied to do so.
Thanks for reading.
Anonymous my ass. Your such a fag. That means ciggy where I'm from. Me mum told me so.

Anonymous said...

"The shit I put my partents thru, I shouldn't even be allwoed to be alive."

You're right about that. You are tterly pathetic.

AnnaGrace said...

anonymous, your so funny! Keep them comming, I roll on the floor laughing when I get these anonymous comments. Why not show your face? Scared? lol!
Your sooo pathetic, its sad. I feel bad for you. Get a life. Move on, I told a lie, and then I told the truth. It done and over.
The only person your hurting is yourself by not getting over it.
Seriouly, I could care less what you think of me. Wow, the sun came out, while I am typing this, must mean your move on. Buy...anonymous. lol!