Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let me just say, the last blog was completly false. I made the whole damn thing up. I was at some guys house, and I wanted to buy more Ice(a drug I hate, but needed something to get high off) and he wouldn't call his "people", so I told him I had his kid, and well that didn't work either. So if you follow my blog on myspace you know that I told him the truth, and well now he's pissed off.
Who wouldn't be. Fuck, I know I'm worthless, and useless, and stupid, and a lier. I don't much like the guy anyway. He just as if not more fucked up than I am, and I can't stand me, so having him around is too fucking much. I'm glad that if making up a story about having his kid, is what it took to get rid of him, so be it.
The best part of this whole story, is this guy, who I lied to about the baby, calls my dad, and tells my dad that I'm using Ice. To get back at me I guess. Really all he did was hurt my dad. My poor father who worries himself to death about me, non stop because I use heroin, gets a phone call from some pathetic loser trying to get back at me for lieing to him about having his kid. The shit I put my partents thru, I shouldn't even be allwoed to be alive.
I can tell you one thing, tho, I will never do ice again. I hate uppers. Its just not my taste, and the only reason I even tried it is because it was around, and because I had some extra money, and since I'm on a high dose of methadone, I can't get high off Heroin.
So Thats about it.
I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that I was leing. I was manipulating. I was being a cunt. I am a waste of space. Yeah.
Judge me if you will. I do.

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