Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today is just another boring day. I'm sitting in my bedroom, blogging here on blogger. I haven't blogged on myspace yet today.
I just got of the phone with my health insurance company, I had to pick a plan, and tell them to send me a list of PCP's so I can pick one. Before that I was on the phone with the quit smoking line. I want them to send me some nicotine patches, but to get the patches, I have to talk with this quit coach once a week. This shit better work.
The reaon I called today, is because, lastnight during my and dad's run, I was weezing like a 50 year old. My dad kept yelling at me because I couldn't keep up with him. Then when he herd me wheezing he really got angry. He used to be an Air Born Ranger, and he said when he was my age, he would run 5 miles everyday, with a hangover. He smoked a pack of ciggertts, and drank a case of beer, and could still run faster than me. I felt like shit. Not from the run, but from the verbal abuse I took during the run from my wonderful father. I tried to tell, I' m trying my hardest to keep up to him, but he thinks I should magically be able to run as fast as him. I just started running daily last week. It takes time to build up the abilty to run a mile without stopping to catch your breath, or to run faster.
The whole while I was running, I was whishing I could run by myself, but I know if I did that, I would walk more than run. At least with my dad he keeps me movitaed to run as hard as I can, and for as long as I can. When we are finished with the run, I always feel so good. When runners say they get a high after a run they are telling the truth. Of course its no where near as good as a heroin high, but the running high is worth the hard work. Plus at night I sleep really good, and my body hurts in a good way. The way that tells me I am working my muscles, and they are happy to be being used again.
Well, thats it for now. I gotta save something for my blog on myspace. Where people acctually read it.

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