Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cheers, Where everybody knows your name. Right?

Hey all. Its what...Tuesday? Yeah it is, cause I thought today was the day I was to get re assesed for my goverment assistants. It accutally on Thursaday. Today is Veterens day, so I can't call and re schedual my dentist appoinment because the f'ing dentist office is closed.

I've made a decision, I'm getting off the Zanax. Its wreaking havoc on my body. My feet are swollen, for some reason benzos make my feet and legs swell. I think its from that one suicide attempt where I fucked up my kidney's and now for what ever reason benzo make me retain water in my f'ing legs and feet. I'm pissing normally, so I know my kidney's are fine. Who knows what the heck kind of pounding my liver is taking?
Also I plan on being off of Methadone before we move to England. I also want my book finished before we leave. So I can send it out to publishers in both the U.S. and the U.K., which gives me better chances of being published.

I'm also hopefull of finding LOVE in London. I've alway had a thing for Brits. They do have bad teeth, but so do I. I'm working on getting them fixed.
Hey, did you know that brits teeth aren't as healthy as ours are, is becuase they don't floride in thier water. So since our water has floride in it, our teeth are healthier. Unless your like me and a opiate addict who eats way too many sweets, and only brushes once daily, and hardly ever flawses. Well, I've been flawsing more often lately because I bought these little neat flawsy thing. I don't feel like explaining it.
I remember tho, the first time I ever seen them was the first time I was in rehab, everyone always had those flaws things in there mouth, all the f'ing time. After that, when ever I see them I buy them. I gotta go. I'll blog about nothing again later...maybe

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sydney_savage said...

wonderful news. take care of you, no one else is going to do it any better.