Monday, November 3, 2008

I have to get this blog out before the 5 Zanax bars I took with my methadone start to kick in....
I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Why am I taking these benzos? They don't make feel as good as Heroin makes me feel(when I'm not on methadone), and it makes me nod out in the middle of writing or blogging. In my paper journal, my hand writing in indecipherable. I have moments where I can pull myself together for a minute, and make the words legible, but after that, its just too scrambled up to make any sense.
Another reason I wanted to get the f out this house without my parents, so because I got a few new out fits, and I want people to see em in them. When I lived in Green bay, I never ever got out of my PJ's, I sat around all day reading and writing. Nothing more, nothing less. Once in great while, me mum and dad felt the need to make me leave the house, so they would let Me the .... I'm sorry its too late, I'm nodding out. I'm not gonna b =e able t in

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