Monday, November 10, 2008

Momma's little helper.

I believe Thorizine is "mothers little helper", and I've never had thorazine. I wonder what its like?


Today I only took 4 of my Zanax bars, with my methaodne. Which is keeping me at an even keel. I'm not nodding out all the time, and I feel good.
I had a bunch of appointments today, one was at a mental health clinic, so I could get a case worker, and for whatever reason the doctor wasen't in, and my appointment had been canceled without my knowlage. So that was a big waste of time, and the next appointment I could get wasn't until December. So now I have to wait until December to find out about college, and such.
Then I had a dentisit appointment, and right before they hooked me up to the laughing gas, They told me that they didn't take my dental insurance, and so the whole afternoon was a waste.

When I got home, I made a bunch of phone calls, and made a bunch of appoinmtments, fo my mental health. I need to get on meds to even out my moods. My bi polar is really fucking with me since I've been fucking with benzos again. Its worse than it has been in a while.'

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sydney_savage said...

you know what I noticed about this post more than anything? ... No negative self talk. It was refreshing. Keep that up.