Friday, November 14, 2008

Right now I'm in the middle of watching "The Eleventh Hour", on CBS. Its not keeping my attention, so I decided to log on and...write about me. How vain.

I did go to the dentisit. My teeth aren't as bad as I thought. I do need to get three molars extracted, but my two front teeth, are saveable. I have one small cavity in each of my two front teeth. Which I will be getting filled, in January sometime. Which I'm very thankfull for. Otherwise I would need have needed to get veeners on my two fronts, and that would have cost my parents over 900 bucks. Which since my dad is obsessed with my teeth, he would have paid for, but I would have felt guilty.

Today, I got my re eval for my "goverment funding" (eg: welfare, and food stamps.) I don't find out, if I get to keep receiving my 400 a month and in cash, and my 200 a month in food stamps for three to five business days. Which I hope I get because it really helps out my parents. Since Hawaii is a very expensive place to live, my goverment funding is very helpfull to them. Lets me afford a few extra luxuries I don't deserve. Some illegeal... like prositute I bought lastnight, while my mom was at work, and dad was at the "bar".

Just kidding, but I wish I would have. I really would like to go down on a beauty, perferably asian, and for her to go down on me. Unfourtantly I have my rag right now, so thats not such a pretty picture.

I also read a blog that on of my e-friends, who I also went to highschool with wrote about me, and was brought to tears by how sweet it was. Whenever someone complements my writing, I am deeply touched. I guess because I don't believe in myself enough, and when someone else thinks what I have to say is entertaining, I am truly amazed.
If you want to read it got to, right here on our own blogger. Its a good blog. He is a much better writer than I. He can spell and use grammer. Which makes me jelous.

I don't want to write this because I think I might jinks myself, but here it goes. (I also sound like a pompus vain, ass)
Sometimes, I do think that I might have a talent when it comes to writing, but most of the time, I just see my writing as SHIT.
My mom tells me, that its my "point of view" that grabs my readers. Do I really see the world diffrent than anyone else? Is it really that odd, that I'm so honest about my thoughts, and life? NO, not really.
My life sounds alot more interesting than it really is, believe me I live it. Sure somedays, are out of the ordinary, but no so much lately.

I one time got an email from a old friend who compared my writing to William S. Burroughs, and I cried for days. That just one person in this world would compar me...ME of all people to my writing idol. I was overwhelemed. I'm still overwhelmed, and think he may have been pushing it. Really he shot it, I'm nothing compared to Burroughs, but hope to be someday.

Before I started blogging, I only showed two people my writing. Those two people didn't think much of it. My mom, and my ex Pete are those two people. When I read it back to myself, I saw that they were right, I needed practice. So I started journaling obsessivly. Then we got a puter, and internet, and I began to blog obsessivly, and journal. I also stated a book.

So as you can tell I just flung myself in this elite world of writing, where I'm a mere ameba compared most. I need to be schooled in grammer, and punctuation, and grammer, but this is what I truly love. I mean LOVE. Who the fuck doesn't like talking about themselves, and people read it and comment. At least vain, narrisistic people like myself. I'm also very neurotic. Which is what I hope makes for a good memoir writer. I guess we'll find out. If the book gets published. With help of a editor, ALOT OF HELP FROM AN EDITOR!

So I gots to go.
BTW, today we had 20ft waves here in Hawaii . That just blows my mind. The full moon, and the huge waves, how little we are, how little my life is, and how little it all really means. Makes me feel better.


sydney_savage said...

writing IS all about perspective, and we all have our unique views of the world. People want to read about you to see/learn about another perspective that is unique to them. It is fascinating to many people when a person is so candid about their life good AND bad. Anyone can have great grammar and spelling but it takes a special person to paint a picture with words as you do. Keep at it, if it's something that you love, enjoy, and put your heart into you will succeed. That's a fact. If you want something bad enough it will happen.

much love.

shananiganss said...

Before you started blogging I thought the whole blog thing was a joke. A bunch of people just talking about nothing. No offense. But I read all of your blogs because they are interesting, funny and sometimes really crude. People don't like to admit it but they like to read/see/do things that are socially unacceptable. Makes em feel naughty! Those are some big waves. I wish I lived on the shore so I didn't have to pay $100+ for my fish, I could just go scoop one up! I'm in the market for a Sally Lightfoot if you happen to come by one :)