Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I hate Lithum

Right now I'm sitting in my living room, writing this blog while watching Unsolved Mystries. I just got out of the clothes I slept in, and changed into a green shirt, black pants, and a blue scarf. I also put on eyeliner. I have to wear eye liner before I leave the apartment other wise I feel extrodinarly ugly.

The reason I put make up on and changed out of my PJ's is because I have an appointment to make at 1:45pm with Dr. Barrickman. Its for my welfare. I will be getting re-evaulated. As most of you already know my welfare was cut off for the month of January because I did not have all the correct paper work I needed to have. I also didn't have enough meetings with my drug councler at the Methadone clinic. So my first penalty is one month of no welfare. I still am getting my food stamps, and have my health insurance. Which I am very thankful for.

My case worker at the Department of Human Services, is trying very hard to get the powers that be re consider my punishment because after I was showed exactly what I was suppose to get to him, I went to my counsler at the clinic, and got all the paper work filled out, and started making appointment with my drug councler once a week. So next time, when I go in for my re eval, I will have all the proper paperwork, and have all appointment critera met.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a diffrent shrink, he is going to be perscribing me meds for my mental illness.

I have a hard time taking thos meds as perscribes, but this time I plan on doing as the doctor tells me. As long as he doesn't perscribe me Lithium. I fucking Hate Lithum.


Gledwood said...

they threatened me with lithium once

not that i'm bipolar. well i don't think i am though i have been known to kind of hyper respond to antidepressants and then get called hypomanic ...

the lithium was to do with constant swings of depression lasting a few weeks each that ALWAYS came back... urgh

Gledwood said...

heroin blocks mood swings pretty well, don't you think?