Monday, January 26, 2009

Made up facts

Yeah, I just made up those facts. 10 percent....1percent...whats the diffrence? I'm sure somewhere on this internet thing I could look up the statsics but I'm much too lazy to do so. I'm sure its more than 1 percent of people in America addicted to drugs.

I lied and was caught. Ahhhh fuck it.

let me move in with you if you live in Washington St. and no men sorry.

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cutypiecornball said...

over 60% of people in this country are addicted to drugs, weather that be smoking pot once a week or shooting dope, it goes form the least severe to the most.

93% of people in this country are addicted to some stupid behaivor like washing their hands 3 times when they go to the bathroom or smoking or drinking a pot of coffee in the am.