Friday, January 2, 2009

My favoirte unkowen blogger of 2008

Okay so this blogger I went to highschool with. We both come from a very small town in Wisconsin. Unfourtantly I never got to know Marty 144 at all during Highschool. We may have been at the same parties, once or twice, but we never spoke. Boy do I regret that now. On Myspace we found eachother's blogs, and have a mutral appreciation for writing. Marty 144 is by far a better writer than I. His grammer is perfect, and his vocabulary is limtless. The content of his blog is worth the click you will make to read it.

I've been reading his blog for three months now, and just yesterday I finally became his first follower. He didn't have Follow this blog link, until yesterday. Now that he does, I'm hoping that anyone who reads my blog will go check his out, and if you like it follow it. Most of you know how to find the blogs I follow, for those who don't go to my profile, and it will list all the blogs I follow. Marty 144's blog is the one I'm asking you check out. His words deserve to be read by more than just the handfull that come across it and then can't find it again. Now that he has the link so people can follow his blog, I'm sure he will become a popular blogger her on blogger.

All the other blogs I follow, are great. If it weren't for Dollhouse, I would probably only have three followers. I usually read blogs about addicts. That's because opiates is what I think about all day, and I like to read about other people's addictions, and how they deal with life day to day. I also like to read people who blog about wanting to become a published writer someday, because I too dream of becoming a published writer. I need to go back to school and learn alot more about compositon before I will ever get a publisher to take me seriously. Most people don't get published until they are in their late 30's or 40's. At least that's what I think, by reading the Jakets of the memoirs and novels I read.

Anyway, now that I'm working on going back to school, and getting on the right meds to control my bi polar disorder, life seems as tho it might start getting better. Now that I realize I have to work hard to get what I want, and I can't give up, and I can't let others keep me down.Success isn't just handed to you, you have to work your ass off to succed.
Soon its off Methadone. I can't wait to get off the methadone. I'm afraid of getting off it tho, because methadone is my cacoon, its what I take everyday to keep myself from hating people so much. It keeps me from hating myself so much. It is something that I rely on heavly. Without I'm hoping my writing gets better.

I have to go now, its time to workout, and then get some sun. I need to get out of this depression. Even tho it dosen't seem like I'm depressed right now, I am. Its just the methadone I just took, that is keeping my spirits up, but sooner rather than later that will wea3r off, and I will need exersize and Vitamin D produced by the sun to keep me out of the dumps. I hate taking Anti depressants, and I'm willing to try alternitive solutions. I live in Hawaii, I may as well take advange of the warm weather, and hang out on the beach, ride my bike around for a while, and just have fucking fun.

Thanks to those of you who read my last blog, and clicked on follow this blog. It means a lot to me. Anyone one else who happens by this blog I hope you will first check out Mary 144, and then click on follow this blog, my blog. If you like Marty's blog click follow that blog too. Hey I love reading blogs, the more the better I say. You never know what kind of blog you'll be in mood for, so follow mine, and maybe you'll get hooked. LOL!

I got to go. Thank you again. I love you all. I'm gonna go find some blogs I like and follow them.


Dying4Something2Live4 said...

hey a.g! wats up girl? you'll get through this, we all do no matter how long it takes us! success def dosent just fall in our laps, but for those of us that it does, well i usually hate those people. hehe. just keep working ur ass off, and dont get off the meth too soon. just chill out with the benzos. you've been coverin yourself up for so long, as have i, with drugs, let yourself through. have a great one girl!


Anonymous said...

I too am from a small town in Wisconsin, so of course I love you without conditins sister. All things will pass and in the end you will be alright. One does not learn to write in college. One learns to write by reading good writers and living life. I urge you to do both.

Gledwood said...

I echo your anonymous. I don't see anything to hold you back from being a published writer. The odd spelling mistake can be cleared up by the marvels of technology darlin' so no worries there. You've carved out a great place to be here so be proud of it!