Sunday, January 4, 2009

One eyed cats.

Good day to all. Today I went to the Human Society, and cleaned up the dog shit. I guess that's what were you start out, the bottom of the food chain. Me! Cleaning up dog shit. I get to feed the dogs too, and pet them. I clean out Litter boxes, and put new litter in them. I'm not really a cat person, but there is this one cat there, and he is like 16lbs. My dog Eleanor is 4lbs, so to me this cat is huge. He only has one eye, and was taken away from its owner because their son was torturing the cat. Serial Killer in the making. The neighbors called the police when they seen the kid tie the cat up by the tail and hang him from a tree. That kid really needs some hardcore therapy, or he needs to be put down. The kid was 14 years old. I understand that teenage boys have Testosterone running thru their veins and it makes them crazy little fuckers. Still to inflict pain on another living animal is just not right. Their is something going on in that family that needs to be looked at. Torturing animals is not normal. Jeffery Dhamar used to kill cats, and open them up, and feel the cats rib cage with his tongue, and noticed that it felt alot like the roof of his mouth. We all know what happen to Jeffrey.

One would think this cat would be meaner than hell, but nope he's just sweet as can be. He wants affection so badly, its sad. I just wanted to take him home and show him that there is love to be given. That I can love him. I can cuddle him, and protect him, and feed him. Then I was talking to another girl who volunteers, her name is Jenny she is 21. She told me that fat cat, (the name of the fat one eyed cat) is like the mascot for that particular Human Society. He gets free roam of the office during operating hours, and he gets a bigger cage than the rest of the cats because he is so fat. The cat room is huge at the Leeward Human Society. The cats have all these carpeted play houses, that are 4 and 5 levels high, and they have these shelves along the walls, where the cats can walk along. The cats are not in the cages most of the day. Unlike the dogs.

I offered to walk the dogs as much as possible, but they have set limits. I can only take a dog out for a half hour. It breaks my heart. I want to take all of them home with me. Right now there is 80 dogs there, and it just breaks me down. Today was my first time actually volunteering, so I don't know how often they get adopted. I didn't ask how long they have before they are "put down", because I couldn't take it.

So everyone who loves animals should donate any extra money they might have to the ASPCA. I make my parents donate 25 a month, and when I had a job I used to donate 5 dollars a month. When and if I get my welfare back, I plan on donating 50 bucks a month. Next Sunday I go back and clean up dog and cat poop. I can't wait. I feel like I did something good for once.


Gledwood said...

That must've been a VERY laidback cat to let the lil bastard to that to him

Gledwood said...

I don't get why the half hour rule..? are they that scared of people getting emotionally involved with their doggies..? and WHY???

Nellie said...

I just want you to know that you are not a loser. A lot of really intelligent people get hooked on dope. I've been on methadone for over five years and I'm almost off, I'm on 15mg and it's really hard but I don't regret being on it. I still think about opiates all the time but I'm tired of the whole methadone, liquid handcuff thing. I also want to be a published writer and I've got my Associate degree and I got most of the way through the degree high as a kite. It's all what you put into it. You sound like you're doing all the right things and trying really hard. Anyone who makes you feel guilty about it, they are the losers. And almost all addicts have some sort of pre-existing psychological disorder, whether it be bi-polar, anxiety, depression or whatever. All you did was to try to fill a void that your body couldn't fill on its own and you'll have that void forever and exercise is a good start. I'm proud of you.

Brian said...

That's crazy that a kid would do that to a cat.

grace and peace,

kaycee said...

Anna I never knew you volunteered at the humane society! That is also something I really want to do, but I have not had the time! I should just MAKE the time. My poor cat Nemo is also very fat! He is about 15-16lbs. He has "fat bags" he was born with them, so technically its not my fault. I feed him diet food, those bags will never go away. I call them street swippers, because they almost rub on the ground! He is such a cute cat! I have seen bigger then that! A friend of mine, her cat is 20lbs! THATS HUGE! I feel so bad for him!!

Talk to you later!