Monday, February 9, 2009

Disregard last blog, I was high. I said too much, should kept it too myslef.

The blog before this one, is well rambeling. I had nothing speical to say, and was just worried about giving my money away to junkes.

I'm also nodding out, and in the last post I nodded out for a half hour, and I can't re read it, because I can't keep track of the words, and its hard for me to write this. So I'm done.

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Gledwood said...

yes give money away to junkies... i was a street beggar and highly commend giving to the needy

also i take issue with "charities" who say never to give any cash to the homeless because it will "ALL GO ON DRUGS"~ hang on a VAST many such people have NO claims on "welfare" and to assume all cash goes to a drug dealer is to patronizingly assume just bc someone's homeless they suddenly have zero expenses bar "food" which everyone unimaginatively offers to buy to "thwart" the possibility of donated cash going towards a drugs purchase