Monday, February 9, 2009

Downers unite

Downer girls and boys unite. We are the future of Heroin, and all opiates. We love to feel no pain, emotional, nor physical. We love to feel like a child being held by mommy, safe and sound, falling asleep in her arms, waking up to smoke a ciggy, and accidentally burning mommy's belly when we nod back out.

Speed still sucks, and makes crazy people even more crazy. Speed is for people who are not naturally crazy, and amped at all times. They need to use ice, speed, crank, crack, blow, feel as we do on a normal day, except for the initial rush of endorphins, and dopamine, and the such, all you are is wired, and sleep seems to never come, and you back at your original state. Wide awake, thinking, and thinking, mind won't stop. Speed freaks, are my total opposite.

Yet, I'll use speed, ice, rock, if I have no opiates, or benzos, and NEED to feel something other than what I'm feeling at that moment. Don't get me wrong, I love a speed ball every...chance I get, but uppers just aren't for me. I'm wound tight naturally, I don't to be wound any tighter, because I'm sure I will break.

So downers, I love you. You give me what my brain can't normally give me. Before I found opiates, I was unable to take a nap, and I only slept for 4 hours at most a night. My mind just would not stop thinking, no matter what relaxation techniques I tried.

Just thought I talk about my favorite drug. Explain why I went down the downer road, instead of upper road. I'm a downer kinda gal.

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Leyla said...

i'm exactly the same way.