Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eleanor Rigby

It's such a beautiful day here in Hawaii. Its gray, and rainy outside. I woke up at 7am on the couch, and I went into my room to sleep some more. When I woke up, and came out of my room, my parents where gone. They left a note that said, they went to Barns and Noble, and to lunch.

I took my Methadone, and 6mg of Xanax.

I don't have anything to write about. I'm not feeling inspired, and I'm not doing anything productive. I'm gonna read my book, and lounge around. Take Elle for a walk in the rain, which she hates, I have an umbrella, but Elle doesn't understand to stay under it. Poor girl, and I just gave her hair a trim, and a wash, she's so soft right now. I don't want to get her all messy, but she has to go outside, and get some exersize. I'll figure something out. Go to the park where the trees cover the sidewalk, so the sidewalk stays dry.

Its raining, but its fucking still hot and humid out there. Gawd, I hate Hawaii. I wish it was 65-70 degrees, gray skys, and rain. I have to take the bus to the Libaray, because they have a book I asked them to get for me. I really want to read it. I'll take Elle with me on the bus. She likes the bus. She stays in her back pack, only peeking her head out to see whats going on. If someone tries to pet her she dives back in the backpack, and I have to tell them that she's afraid of other people, and she doesn't like to be pet. I always feel bad telling people this, but its true. She only lets me, mom, dad, Pete, and Debbie pet her.


Noah said...

Goddamn you take a lot of Benzos! I would sleep for a week if I took half the dose you do. Don't get me wrong now - I like benzos and all and next to opiates they are my DOC but Jeez girl you take a bunch!

Be careful with that shit and don't drink alcohol with 'em!

Gledwood said...

I tried alprazolam. It didn't really work for me. Nowhere near as well as Valium/diazepam. Hmmm

right here's what I said the other day re literary agents. sorry it waffles on

LITERARY AGENTS ~ sorry I missed the question.
Right this is what I would do.
Make a list of agents according to their track record promoting bestselling writers of the type of stuff you've written
There is a book here called the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook or something like that, it has all the contact details.
What I did before (gave up bc in the end I didn't think what I'd written was good enough and would rather start again... it took 12 years but here I am!!)
I wrote a brief letter outlining what my book was about (only a few paragraphs) and asking whether anybody at the agency would be interested in looking at it
E.g. a top agency in America is Janklow & Nesbitt associates but you're unlikely to get Morton Janklow or Lynn Nesbitt as your agent (in fact, nearly impossible as an unknown) but they employ lots of other less famous agents who may well be into taking something on. I got in touch with an agent there by phoning up saying "is there anyone taking on new writers" and got put through to a young new agent. This was their New York branch.
In London I have written letters to top agencies offering the book. About 1 in 2 asked to see an outline and 3 sample chapters
The feedback I got was that my 200,000 word tome was "just slightly short of professional quality"
which spurs me on because I was in my early 20s when I wrote it

The best book I had on creative writing said writers expect to sit down with no training, no experience and knock out a successful book first time without serving an apprenticeship. Getting rejected IS an apprenticeship, then eventually as you get more experience things will "click"...

By the way youth is no barrier to success in publishing ~ I just think in my case it was. Honestly back then I was CLUELESS