Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marla Singer, and sticking feathers up your ass.

Fight Club, an amazing book, but for once the movie was better than the book. That never happens. The book is almost always better than the movie. I've read everthing Chuck P,(can't spell his last name) has writen, and I love how at the end of all the books there is twist you just don't see comming.

When I watch TV shows, I watch crime drama's. I can always figure out the killer/bad guy or women in the first 3 minutes of the show. You can ask my parents, they don't understand how I can possible know who the killer is. They think I've watched it before, or I saw a preview, but I haven't. Its just that the writers of these crime dramas are not the best of writers. Maybe its not that they aren't the best writer's , maybe its the Producers, or the FCC, or the American People. The American people want to watch a show that isn't too complicated. Not all the America People are stupid, and want to watch TV shows that are mind numbing, that the any person of average intellignace can figure out within the first three minutes.

There are good shows out there, or there were great shows out there. They are always on Cable. HBO's Six Feet Under, The Saprano's, and Dexter on Showtime. Now Dexter, that is a creative show. The premiss is brilliant. A serial killer, whom only kills murders, and people who threaten to expose him. The twist and turns in Dexter are great. That show they don't hide who the criminal is, they just have a charatcter, a complicated character, with many diffrent dimensions. The show is how Dexter, the Serial killer who works with the police in the crime scean unit, analyzing blood splatter. At night he kills those murders who keep getting away with thier crimes, and the justice system is letting them fall thru the cracks. Dexter is the serial killer we love, the serial killer we don't want to get caught.

Six Feet Under was another one of those Character based shows. There were 5 charaters that the show revolved around, and each of those charater's was interesting, and you wanted to watch their lives unfold in front of your eyes. These shows are by far, more entertaining than CSI, or Law and Order. Criminal Minds is a well writen show, and instead of just investigating the crime itself, they investigate the mind of the criminal, get inside his mind, and try to figure out how he or she ticks so they can figure out how to save the victim.

Sorry, I just went off on a tangit about TV shows, and characters, and a bunch of shit you already know.

I guess I in fight club my alter ego comes out, and does something increadable with myself. I just need to get out of the trappings of this materialistic world, and find a cause that I feel needs fixing, or book that needs to be writen. I need to come out of my shell of a life, and become what I want to be.

Ahhh, this blog is borning. At least its not me complaing about being suicidal, and how my parents just don't understand. That just as boring as this blog about TV shows that revolve around

For those of you wo were worried about me, I got into day treatment, so every day I go to treatment, and don't have to sit in my apartment and just htjom pgrt

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