Wednesday, February 11, 2009

roses. coming up roses, so you got in a kinda trouble than nobody knows

I am my own parasite, I don't need animals to live, we can share off of our endorphins.
Look on the bright side suicide, look on the dark side I'm on your side

I own my pet virus, I get to pet and name her, her shit is my milk, my milk is her shit.

So I'm done with plagiarism, and I'm moving onto smoking ciggies, and listening to my MP3 player, writing on my blog, whilst my father is sitting on the couch to my left, watching some bullshit television show. He's in a shitty mood, he had plans this morning, but I fucked them up. This morning I had to wake up early to go the Methadone clinic. Before going to the clinic I stopped in the Mall to see if anyone is around. I was quit early in the morning, I'd say 8:30am. Usually business starts at the mall around 6am, and by noon everyone has cleared out of the mall.

When I got to the mall, there was no-one around, that had what I needed. As I mentioned before I'm always worried about my stash being low. So I'm always looking to keep it full. So I don't have to hurt. So I walked around the spots they are usually at, and no-one. In the morning alot of the people I know, go sit upstairs at Mcdonalds, and watch the three LCD TV screens they have up their always turned to CNN, and Fox News, etc...
I just happened to go up their, and I seen someone I know, and I asked if he had seen someone I know, and he said yes, but he's not sure where his at the moment. Then the guy comes over to me, and asks, "What are you looking for?" I whisper back, "Bars, I've got fifty bucks". He tells me he will give me twenty for the forty bucks, and to sit right where I am, and he'll be right back. He went over to his table, and got the goods, and walked over to me, and said, "Here, here's 25, I take the fifty dollars. He said count it, and I said, I'll take your word for it.

I put my goods in a safe place, and I said goodbye pleasantly to my the guy, and I walked outside, and went towards where the car was parked. It was a few blocks away, so it was a paranoid walk as it always is. I got to my car, I had put a buck fifty in the parking meter thinking I was going to be in the mall longer, but as fate would have it, the one time I put enough time in the parking meter, I have 45 minutes left over. Not that I'm complaining I hope the person who parked their after me.

I got in my car, and drove my ass to the methadone clinic. I went up the elevator to the third floor, and I noticed that their was something going on in the group room. It was all set up, and we were suppose to go in, and pick out a group that we wo.................

I'm sorry I'm going to have stop writing now. I'm going off into fairly land, toodeloo.
write more later, maybee.
Sorry. I'm a stupid junky, and I don't need your permission to bury my love under the cycle cell.

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Smack Happy said...

Wow, you sure know how to leave a girl hanging..but in the end you musta scored some good shit or you wouldn't be nodding LOL