Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cosumerism and brainwashing

Heroin addict unite, stop spending your money on things you do not need, spend you money on Heroin, and grow your own food. Get your freinds hooked so they stop spending their money on things they don't need, and won't make them happy. Stop consumersim, stop the brain washing, stop watching TV.

Make the economy fall, build a new society, a society where we really do get to make our own choices. Not the advertisers, and the coperate heads. Lets become individuals again. Lets make art, any kind, spray paint buildings warning people of consumerism.

The brainwashing has gone so deep, even I am brain washed, but I see it, some do not ever see it.
When the television tells you to spend money, don't spend that money. Burn your money...everyone. Give it to your drug dealers, don't give to your goverment. Your goverment doesn't care about you, they care about who is paying them the most, to vote the way the coperate head wants.

I hope 2012 is the end, or I hope it shows people the life we are living is wrong. We are all wearing a uniform. All westren society is wearing a uniform. Brainwashed!


Anonymous said...

Saying the way to not buy into consumerism is to be a heroin addict is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard.

AnnaGrace said...

Don't buy into cosumerism, but you don't have to be a heroin addict. Get high off life, if your already happy, then you don't need to buy more things to make you even more happy.

Heroin addicts are not bad people, and judging a person because of an addiction, a wanted addiction, is like me judging you for being comsumerist asshole. Opps I judged you.
Thanks for rolling your eyes at my blog, while reading it.

My blog may have been stupid, I may be stupid, but at least I want to learn. I don't want to conform.