Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Second denil. Poor Anna

I sent out three chapters of my book to three literary agents. I just did on a whim, book not even edited, grammar errors, spelling errors etc... still in those chapters. I've gotten two replies now, one from an unknown agencies and the second to one of the major agencies

Dear Anna,Thank you for sending along to us sample chapters from your memoir.Unfortunately, this project just didn't quite pull us in enough. One of the criteria we apply is that we only represent projects about which we feel a strong sense of personal commitment. While we can of course be wrong, these chapters did not inspire us with the necessary enthusiasm to undertake its representation. You deserve to be represented by an agent who is excited about the book and who can devote to it the time and attention it deserves.Many thanks again for sending this along and we wish you the best of luck with your book.Best regards,Zenya Prowell Janklow & Nesbit Associates
s, and this is what Janklow had to say about my book.

I'm showing this to you guys just because. I know I can get better, and this is inspiration to get better, although the first agency said they liked the book, I just needed to work on technical areas of my writing, and start earlier in my addiction, and then send them the book, this acency is nice about it, but this time they straight out tell me they don't want to work with me.

They are right, I don't have enough personal commitment at this time. FUCK. I need to commit to writing, lock myself away for a month, and just fucking write.

Glendwood was my inspiration for sending out my "book" to publishers, he's the one who told me about Janklow, I thank you Glendwood. I have one last agency to hear from, and I'm willing to bet, they are going to say in some nice terms, I need to dedicate myself more to the writing. Someone who really cared about their project would have AT LEAST EDITED THE DAMN BOOK.

Anyway I'm starting the book anew. Then while I'm waiting to go to school I'm going to write everynight for at least 5 hours. NO more blogging, and no more journaling all the time.

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