Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crack is wack

Thanks for all the comments. Even though I pretty much begged for them, it still made feel super duper that you read my blog, and even enjoy reading my blog. For the British out their, I'm not sure if super duper is in your vocabulary, it means really great.

I have a question to all the British people who read my blog. How many of you speak at least one other language? Most of Europe is somewhat like America, except we have states close, and Europe you have different countries. If we Americans drive a few hundred miles we all speak the same language, but in Europe you drive a few hundred miles and your in a different country, with a different language. I would think growing up in Europe most would learn a number of languages. Which gives you an advantage over us stupid Americans.

Now that Question is done... see what I mean by taking a paragraph to explain something so simple, and something that should take only a few sentences to convey.

Aside from my writing, and speaking skills, not much new in the life of Anna Grace. Today I just revealed in the fact that I got more pills than I paid for. I can't remember if I posted about this on blogger, or on myspace...if it is on myspace and you'd like to read about it go to I took a few too many Xanax bars this morning after I woke up that I was nodding out standing up. My parents were all over me...looking for track marks. I kept on trying to tell them in slurred speech that I am not high. I'm just tired. Oops, I made a bit of a mistake. I'm sure tomorrow I'm going to have to make up some wacky excuse as to why I was acting high even though I wasn't. My mom probably figured out that it was the Xanax, but she won't tell my dad, because it would hurt him too much. I over medicated just because I lucked out and got more pills for my welfare buck. (That goes out to you anon hater)

I'm suppose to be going to Washington at the beginning of August, but I've been having second thoughts. Worrying about money, and Elle. I have to do it though. I have to move on with my life, and get on with my life. The only way I've ever lived without mom and dad was when I was living with a boyfriend. That is until I got an apartment all by myself, with the help of my dad, but I only lived there for a few months, and had just started my Methadone treatment, and had begun to use Crack, and landed my (at the time) skinny ass in jail.

No more crack for me. Crack is Wack.


Gledwood said...

yeah I do French and German but only bc I slogged through them till I was 18. I only speak as well as you'd expect an average foreigner to speak English

I was surprised on an underground train when this French man stood up and said loudly in French is this the train for Richmond and at least 4 of us in a carriage of 30 could answer him

Gledwood said...

that phrase Crack Is Wack reminds me of Whitney Houston ~ biggest crackhead in America and won't just fess up she's been blazing rocks morning noon and night for the last 20 years

Gledwood said...

why don't you do a post about prison? o go on!!

AnnaGrace said...

What does slogged mean?

Is it common for Brits to know French and German rather than Spanish, and/or Russian?

Gledwood, I love your comments. I wish you'd put a photo of yourself up, with your long hair, and a new photo with your short hair.

Crack is Wack, oh gawd yes when I hear that I always think of Whitney Houston's interview. It seemed like she was high on crack druing the interview. Did they show the reality series about Whitney Houston, and her Hubby Bobby Brown? That show was fucking crazy. I can't belive how far Whitney has fallen sine her glory years in the early to mid 90's.
I wonder what she would be like if she were addicted to Heroin instad of crack.

That goes to show how diffrently we look at Crack and Heroin. Heroin is a glamours drug that you do when you have a million dollars in the bank, and your a rockstar, staying in a four star hotel, and want to drool all over yourself, and feel like kid forever.

Where Crack is looked as a drug only Black people and street people use. "Crack is for the lower class, and unintelligent drug addicts".

In reality they both bring you down.
I like to call Heroin Judas, like Jesus's betrayer. Heroin is someone you love and trust, but sooner or later it betrays you, and ends up taking your life.

I've even read that Judas is a street name for Heroin. I think Judas is the most clever of all the street names for H.

Oh yes, and I did copy and paste from my first draft of my book, about my time in jail/prison.

Jail is a place you go to stay if your sentence is less than a year, and no longer than one year.
Prison is where you go when you will be staying incarcerated for longer than a year, up life...or until the prisoner is executed.

I've never been to Prison, and I will never go to prison, I would kill myself before going to prison or jail again. It is a horrid place on its own, but being in jail while detoxing from Opiates is like being hell!

Thanks for all the comments Gledwood.

kelly Al-Saleh said...


Slogged means worked really really hard as in hard slog.

I'm not dying about crack, would rather have a snifter of coke any day.

I speak Arabic but that's cos my Dad's Palestinian, my Mum's from Belfast, Northern Ireland - they only lasted 5 years though. I was born in South London, taken from my mum when I was 2 to Kuwait. Ran away from my dad when I was 16 back to the UK to live with my mum.

It's actually not common for Brits to speak other languages. Most expect the whole world to speak English! We all get taught French at school but no-one took it seriously. Oh, and many of the English hate the French - and the Germans. Many jokes about them.

gotta go sweetie, work then see a man about a dog ;->

x Kelly