Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't mind the gigantic photo of me at the top of my blog. I fucked up.

WTF, I fucked up my blog. Now there is a gigantic picture of me above my blog. I never put that there.

I should have never fucked with my blog format in the early hours of the morning. Please excuse the appearance of my blog, and since I'm lazy and have no idea how I fucked it up so bad, I'm gonna leave my blog this way until I go over to the internet cafe, and have a puter geek help me get it back in form.

Also click on the ads. Just do it. Every time you read my blog click on the ads. I get money for it, and I'm putting it towards my schooling, so you don't have to read a blog that isn't write eloquently. Really it in your interest to click on my ads as much as possible, as you are the one reading my blog. If you have ads I will of course click on your adds also. I have no idea how the ad thing works, but it said I could make money, and well I need money. I'm in the middle of a crisis, not having enough cash to rent an apartment whilst going to school in Washington State. Nor do I have enough money for my own plane ticket, and I don't want to squeeze my mom and dad of even more money. I'd like to do this on my own.

My dad made it back to Wisconsin safe and sound. Now here I am without my the person attached at my hip. Its refreshing. Although Eleanor is as I predicted...wondering why the fuck my dad isn't home. I'm gonna take her with me alot more, so she isn't always waiting for dad to come home.

Fuck I don't have anything else to say right now. I just fucking woke up and looked at what I did last night, and it sure does not look like it did when I went to sleep.


Gledwood said...

Your blog does look different but not so terrible. It's dead easy to alter the colour palate if you don't like it ;->...

Now Anna Grace I have a favour to ask of you. I know you're on bipolar meds, I was wondering what experience you might have with manic/hypomanic or mixed episodes.

This is important to me as the issue came up during my own psych assessment with a nurse last week. I have to see a dr soon and want to get better informed. If you go to mine then today's post explains. Sorry it's so long and rambling. I'd be ever so grateful if you could leave me a comment there.

Many thanks

xx oo

Trying to take it one day at a time said...

I actually love your blog look, it's kinda cool!

So, I'm all caught up, keep posting regularly so I have something to ready!

Oh, and I am so hooked on Noah's blog too. Is it me, or is he really hot????

Anonymous said...

you remind me in that big picture of jodie foster.

AnnaGrace said...

Jodie Foster...just like the Jody in my head. I named the voice in my head, I know its not real, but anyway, I named her Jody after Jodie Foster because she sounds like Jodie Foster.

Dosen't Jodie Foster have like a huge Lesbian followning. LOL!

Hey, I'm into lipstick lesbians, but not so much for the bull dykes, unless they are HOT to Trot.

I like guys too, but I will never find the guy of my dreams, because well he's dead, and he would have never liked me. Cruel huh.

Thanks for leaveing the comment.

I wonder if that comment was suppose to be mean?

Anonymous said...

no, that picture really does remind me of her. lesbian has nothing to do with anything. don't be paranoid, it was only an observation. anybody else see the slight resemblance?