Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I need attention just like you

Why, really why doesn't anyone leave comments on my blog. Is nobody reading it. Has everyone gotten sick of reading about my depression, and suicidal thoughts?

I feel all alone out here in cyberspace. I write something and its pure shit. It sucks. Its not nearly as good as most of my followers.

My life is easy, my life is complicated, and my life is alot like yours. You leave a comment and I promise to write back, and answer all death threats, and mean comments, and even the nice ones.

I need attention just like you.


Gledwood said...

I read your blog but I do not really exist because I am a ghost. WHOOOO-HOOOO!!!!!!!

Gledwood said...

Sorry I couldnt' resist that. I haven't left a comment for a few days because I HAVEN'T been by I admit that but I haven't been anywhere else either. Thank you very much for the message you left at mine though, it was very sweet and kind. I don't get bored of reading about your depression or suicidal "ideation" (hey~ I'm in with the drs) because I think you're very brave to post it up. It IS hard to write about depression without feeling you're being well... depressing~??!? But that's the nature of the beast AnnaGrace
Take care ;->...

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

I read your blog but I do not really exist because I am a Heroinhead.

Anonymous said...

I always read your blog,

AnnaGrace said...

Geldwood, that blog about your hamster dying was sooooo very sad, and I was sitting next to my dog who isn't much bigger than a hamster. I was so saddened by the loss and such a slow, and sad death of a helpless animal.If I were you, I'm sure I could be as strong. I scream life is so not fair...take me, not my dog/hamster. At least Heroin can ease the pain I am in while dying. At least I know that I was loved and lived life, I would rather see a human die in a movie, than an animal. I always cry when an animal dies in a movie.

Thanks for commenting, sorry for my begging for comments. I can't wait to get to the anon's.

AnnaGrace said...

Thank you Heroinhead. I always read your blogs too. I was just talking to my mother about your blog today...I read her the blog about how you took a half hour suicide break while trying to fix you HTML. She laughed along with everyone else who read that blog.

Then I asked my mom why I can't write like he does. Her response was, "Anna, he's English, and he speaks french, and probably reads french, his vocabulary is 100 times better than yours. People from the UK, speak better English than us Americans, especially the Southern Americans. The English from the UK also write better English, its just how they speak. They speak proper English" and she went on and on. Then I told her that you didn't even graduate highschool, and yet he writes 100 times better than I do.
So I vowed never to ask my mum why someone can write better than I can.
She just goes on and on, and tells me to do what I already do...work on my vocabulary. Sometimes it will take me two weeks off Methadone and Xanax to read a book because I have look up every fourth word. Then I write those words down along with the definitions and go over them later.

Still I'm jealous of both Gledwood, and Heroinhead...mainly because they are English, and they speak and write better than I, and can convey in a few words, what takes me a few sentences to convey.

I'll keep trying. It will probably be after I have a huge vocab that I off myself.

Okay, well I could go on for another few paragraphs, but I'm getting bored

AnnaGrace said...

Anon, the first one who said,"I read your blog always." Thank you. Why don't leave comments?

You don't have to if you don't want to. You could be somebody I know, or don't know. I always assume that you are someone who knows me in real life, not just cyberspace.

AnnaGrace said...

To mean anon...you suck. I don't have to shower ever, and you don't have to smell so why do you care.

Plus it makes me feel really good to know that the goverment is paying for my habit. It makes me very happy to know that almost all drug addicts spend most of their welfare on drugs. I know alot of drug addicts on welfare, and sooner or later the goverment will learn that its cheaper, and even more profitable to leagalize drugs...then they can give us more wellfare to buy our drugs to keep crime reduced.

Keep reading. Love your comments. Love you too.

AnnaGrace said...

To Heroinhead,

I can't wait for the Tindersticks to be sent my way. I will be patient

Thanks you tech. savvy Brit you.

Anonymous said...

BECAUSE IT IS BORING AS FUCK!! You are not as good of a writer as you think you are. You seem to think you are going to be this famous writer and you're not. You are mediocre at best. Go kill yourself.

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...


if it's so boring why do you keep reading it?? Worse... you not only read it you comment too.

If you claim you don't read it how can you judge if Anna's a good writer or not?

Also what are you so afraid of?? Why go anonymous? You must be a complete wanker.

AnnaGrace said...

Thanks Shane for defending me, it is really sweet.

Anonymous hater, at least it got you to comment.

We are all entiled to our opinions.

Anna Grace