Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just a quick update.

OMG, I just bought a dress on, where you can buy totally original clothes made by just some person in their house. There will be no other person wearing this dress. I cannot wait to get it. I almost bought another dress, but I decided against it, because it was just too hippy. The dress I did buy, is like a babydoll dress, and a sack dress from the 60's. I hope when I get it, it fits number one, and it looks good number two. It only cost 30 dollars with shipping and handeling.

Other than that, my Saturday has been dull. I took Eleanor for her morning walk, got breakfast at seven eleven, and bought some sushi for lunch. I figure today since I have evething to myself, I will try to work on my book. Mostly re working the dialouge so the reader can tell who is say what to whom. If I'm feeling creative I will write a chapter or two. Depends on if I get into a groove. Since I've been here in Hawaii I haven't gotten in the grove. The most I've written on my book here in Hawaii is three pages every few weeks.

At one point I declared the book done, but now after my rejections for the two literary agents who rejected me, and the one who didn't even bother to return my message. I've have decided to take some of their advice, and go into my past, aka the beging of my addiction to the point where the book is started right now, with me going to jail for relapsing on Coke and Crack, because the Methadone was blocking my ability to get high. Oh yes, and it will be fiction, but based on my life, seeing as how I admit to alot of illegal activites.

Other than my book, that alot of anon's hate, and a few people like. Thank you so much to those of you, or the one of you who liked my posts of my book.

I'm nervous about credit card info on the internet, but I only had 50 bucks on my card, so even if they did get ahold of my cc# they would be fucked, unless they put their own money in it.

Eleanor is missing my father, aka old man. I remeber my dad calling his dad, "my old man" when I was a kid, and we would go visit them, which we did everyday. I always wanted to sleep over at grandma Betty's and Papa Donalds. Grandma would take me to rummage sales or we would go "bumming" around and visiting people. Just dropping in and gossiping. Gosh I miss being a kid. I miss makes me feel like that kid again.

Oh yes, and I am so jealous of Kurt Cobain. He did it, and I haven't. Not killed himself, but made great music, and related to millions if not billions of people.

Fuck you anons, I can and will get million if not billions of people to relate to me.
so those anon haters, should go kill themselves.

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