Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just a rant.

There are so many bands out there. Millions of bands, yet the most of us have alot of favorite bands, musicans in common. Which brings me to the 27 club...Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, on of the members of The Rolling Stones (don't remeber his name.) and of course here I am leaveing out Kurt Cobain, who also checked out at age 27. So what is it, if there is anything to it with the 27 year old prolific musican dying at the age of 27? I asked a numberoligst once, and, 2+7=9 is what she said, and 9 is the number of completion. She went on to say that, these musicans were at the point of completion...they had done what they needed to for the universe. I balked at this at first. I was like fuck that, if any one of these musicans were still alive they would have made alot more great music that we missed out on.
Then I thought about it more. Look at how their lives ended. It seems like all their lives spiralled out of control. They were all living the rockstar life style, that alot of us want to live, but hardly any of us will truly live to be rockstars. I think it gets to a point when your a musican, where it becomes too much. They fall into drugs or alcohol, along with all the other drugs there are. Soon they find themselves addicted, and after that their music starts devolve. The Rock Star I know most about is Kurt Cobain. He worked hard to fit in, and find a scean, like all of us, which he ended up finding in punk music. When Nirvana first began Kurt would imagine what it would be like to be a rock star. He was an admitted wanabe Heroin addict. He once said, in the punk scene, the scene he found to be his scean, Heroin was considered glamours.

Fuck it, I could write it all out, and I wouldn't be saying anything that hasn't already been said.

This all started because me and my mom were talking. My mom is just a few years older than Kurt, but his music is what my generation embrassed. Actually I'm too young, it would be more my cousins, who are in their mid thirties scean, but they grew up outside any punk scean, and didn't listen to Nirvana. Yet if they here one of Nirvana's songs they say oh I love this.

Then my mom said, at work they watch American Idol, a show I hate. I fucking hate it, I think it is ruining music for eveyone. Still who knows perhaps that is how they will find the next Kurt, but I doubt it because American Idol owns you after you win. I guess tho, all record companies own you once your famous, in one way or another. Anyway, my mom said, this one guy sang a Nivana song, and all the nurses who are my age or around my age 26 said I love this song, and my mom said so do I. I of course introduced her to Nirvana, put it on her MP3 player making her listen to it.

Then I asked my mom, do you think if I began a band, if the generation after me, what would my children's generation, would think of my music as the type of music that never goes out of style. She said I don't think so, I think your born with that in you, and from day one its all you do. You read every word of music magazines, study everything you can of music, learn to play an instrument, and even if you master that, you have to have this certin charisma.

Of course I want to be a female rock star, and do the whole Heroin thing, but I'm too old to now. I already did the whole Heroin thing, and lucky for me I've always loved writing more than I did music, but to me writing and music went together. Even now they do for me. What type of music I'm listening to inspires what I'm writing. I like to listen to Classical music, like Motzart and such. I find I can write longer, and better while listen to classical music, than I can listening to Music I like.
The new music of my generation, the music I like, such as the Oolahs, and Halloween Town, and Elliott Smith, never really made it as main steam as Nirvana did, yet they still have time. Elliott is pretty main stream, yet he's not on the radio much. I think he should be on the radio more, but I guess the world doesn't find the comfort in being sad like I do.

Soon I will add Tindersticks to my top favs. Until then.........9, the completed what they needed to complete on their time as human beings in this universe, hopefully they out there completeing something else as something else in some other solar system.

Thanks for the music.


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie i read all ur writing and i do find it very interesting i do not have a blog however i love to read everybody ( melody, michelle, noah, april) anything related to drugs-its because i have a bad opiate addiction and i love o-c's-i have never touched heroin im smart enough to realize that would be the END of me and i can never do that to my family and fiancee it would put them over the matter how selfish they think i am already i could not do that to them (they should be thanking me haha) K just wanted to say HI!!!

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

hiya Anna... just saying Hi and that I'm still here and still reading!!! ;)

Hope you get the Tindersticks soon... My favourite song is THEM ALL!!! but I really love Bathtime.

Hope you're well, Shane. x