Friday, April 10, 2009

Next blog please...

Today I decided to something drastically diffrent than what I do usually while reading other bloggers posts. I clicked on "Next Blog", and was bombared by all these blogs in every diffrent language, most Spanish, or Portaguse although I've encounted a number blogs written in English, and most were just full of family photos, or photos of drunken parties. Some where blogs about skiing, never knew how many people enjoy blogging about skiing. Then I came across some blogs about sex, those were of most intrest to me. Got me a little horney until I clicked next blog and the guy was writing about this ladder he invented. I read the four blogs he had writen about his new fantastic ladder, and from the ladders I've seen in my life...his did not look any diffrent.

Just goes to show you, there is alot of diffrent people in the world, interested in a vast varity of things. I happen to be one out of those millions of people who write about HEROIN, MEHTADONE, AND OPIATES, in genral, my blog of course, or at least I try not to make my blog ALL about drugs, I like to think my readers get a sence of who I am.

Imagine if one of my new favorite bloggers, who lives in Lyon France wrote in French. I would not understand a word of his blog. That truly(at least to me) would be a tradgity. I love reading the Englishmen who lives in France, blog. Along with many other blogs that I troll thru almost daily, such as Melody, and Noah's, and many many others blogs.

Is Tu'che a french word? Just wondering. The word just popped in my head, and I questioned it. Also I forgot Gledwood, I absolutly adore his blog, and everything in it, and every thing about him. I certinly have a thing for Brits.

I have to go. I'm pissy, no not pissy drunk. Just pissed by a convo I had with the fucking fam.


Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

That man will probably fall off that ladder to a horrible death... it's not just Heroin that is dangerous!! ;)

Don't worry, I won't start writing in French... only time is when someone makes a comment in french.

And no Tu'che is not a french word. Tu is, it means You. Touche is and means Touch.

Stay well... and keep writing your book, it's good!!

Shane. x

AnnaGrace said...

I enjoyed your funny little quip at the begining about the blogger who blog about his new ladder invention. I suppose I should Laughing out loud, but really I just smiled, and went on reading you comment.

I wonder if it would be hard for me to learn to speak French? Here in America if you can speak more than one language their are alot of jobs as interpurters for Tourist in New York City, and other such Tourist spots in America. Of course I will most likey never learn to speak nor write French because...well just because.

Thanks for the compliment on the book. I've decided to start the book at a younger age, a chapter or two on my childhood, and a chapter or two on my decent into Heroin addiction, and how landed in court for Perscripton Fraud in the first place.
What I posted of the book on blogger is only about half of what I have written of the book. First draft anyway. I just had a I might just put those chapters in the middle of the book, as flash backs, which means alot of re writes, but its worth it if it makes the book better to read.
I had hoped that that blog of my book would have gotten more comments, from people who read it all the way thru, because they could not stop reading it. I got one person who thought it was, as she said, "I could't stop reading it".
Obviously she is one of the few. Although Praise doesn't make me a better writer. Yet it makes me feel good.

Hope to read a blog of yours soon.

Anna Grace

Anonymous said...

you dont know me in real life
and I am so far away from you,
Im from south america
odd right?
sorry for my bad english :(

AnnaGrace said...

Your English is better than mine. Wow, this world wide webb thing surprises me sometimes...who would of thought that I had a person from South America reading my blog.

If I could speak Portuguese, or Spanish I would love to read a different culture's struggle with drugs, opiates/Heroin in particular.

Do you have a blog anonymous? If so is it in your native tongue or English?

Perhaps you live in Columbia, and your a drug lord, and you just like to read blogs about people who use your product. Although Columbia is more of a Cocaine distributor, but of course there is Black Tar Mexican Heroin. The kind we find here in Hawaii.

Most likely your just a person who likes to read blogs, and has a habit. Us Heroin addicts like to read about other Heroin addicts because thinking about using, and using, and finding Heroin to use and get high off, is all a junky really thinks about.

Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for not knowing me, and still liking my two chapters of the book.

I think we all just want to be remembered after we are dead, and remembered as a genius in whatever field, such as art, any kind of art...writing, acting, painting, dancing, etc...
Sort of like Van Gogh, who while living everyone thought he was a crazy nitwit, who cut off his ear and sent it to a prostitute whom he loved, or lusted after. Now, after a few hundred years after his death we consider Van Gough a genius.

I just hope...if the world doesn't end before I die, that my words are thought of genius, even though now most everyone thinks I'm a crazy nitwit. I have the capacity to cut off an appendage too, but I'm not feeling inclined to do so at the moment.
Mad but our own ways we all are.