Saturday, April 4, 2009

She probably won't say your wrong, your already wrong.

I'm having a hard time choosing what music I should listen to. I'm so not in the mood for Nirvana. Nore Radiohead, and of course what I would like to listen to I don't have on my MP3 player. What I want to listen to this morning is a wonderful band I herd on someone else's blog, the band is called the "Tindersticks". I don't have the Tindersticks on my MP3, and I don't have any money to purchase new songs. My parents are both gone shopping, so I haven't their credit cards to buy new music with. My Welfare, well...I doubt I can buy music with that money. So while I'm writing this blog I'm going to listen to Elliott Smith's "Needle in the Hay" album.

I haven't much to report. Aside from some drugs being stolen from one of the main downtown suppliers, and a murder the day after. Someone broke into this main suppliers home, where this person keeps all of his product(s), and all the cash. I guess this person came home and the place was ransacked. 22,000 dollars gone, along with probably what amounted to another 50,000 in product.
The day after this theft happened, there was a shooting downtown. When I saw it on the news, I just put two and two together. As soon as I herd I caught the bus downtown, to see if anyone was holding benzo's at least. As I had figured no-one had anything, except some small time people selling their own prescriptions. I asked one of the people I know if the murder the night before was related in anyway to the theft, and of course no one would tell me the truth if they did know, but from my friend I was told it was over gang stuff, nothing to with us junkies.

Now that this person who had been ripped off a enormous amount of money and product, I hear through the grapevine that this person is done. This person is out of the business. Which means chaos for the next month or two as people hold tight to their junk, and the usual suspects will not come out of their holes, until a new head honcho has been put in place.

Really, the last head honcho was not discreet enough, I mean someone as low on the food
chain as me should not know who the hell this person is. The only reason I do know, is from last time I lived here two summers ago, when my methadone was low enough that I could still shoot up smack and/or pharmaceutical opiates I was in a spot where I knew enough people that I wound up meeting, and even sharing a hotel room with this person and another person. It wasn't soon after that hotel stay that I ended up moving back to my home state.

I could be very wrong, and there was a head honcho in the works, and product will be available sooner rather than later. Which ever happens I'm somewhat indifferent. I'm not worried about the opiates, but I am worried about the benzo supply. Opiates always come back faster than benzo, because people want their shot first, and benzo second.

All in all, that is all I know.

I'm pretty sure that the shooting had nothing to do with the theft. If it did, it was much higher up on the food chain than I even knew existed. Which is fine by me.

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Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

I'll put some Tindersticks albums on my computer and mail you them. Give me a day or so and you'll have some great music to discover.

keep well & keep posting, shane. x