Friday, April 24, 2009

Someone screwed our door shut, and tried to start a fire in front of our apartment lastnigh.

This morning I posted a post about my mother and I being locked inside our apartment. It was a humours post, and I laughed about my mom trying to get out into the hallway to unlock the door from the outside, but she couldn't make it.

5 days ago we were locked inside our apartment also. We called a locksmith, he put the door handle back on tighter and we were able to get in our again. We thought nothing of this, we just assumed that our lock got loose from all the opening and closing we do.

Then today our door was locked from the outside, so were stuck inside. We called the locksmith, and when he got here he found that someone had literally screwed a screw into the deadbolt lock to make sure that we could not get out, and then started a fire outside our kitchen window. When we informed our building manager, and asked him to come document this he refused to, so we call the police, and only after telling the building manager that we called the police did he come up. He was rude to us, and was afraid that we would consider him a suspect. Which didn't even cross our minds until he refused to look at what someone tried to do to my mother and I. Which is lock us in, and start a fire, were we would have died because the door was screwed shut.

When the police got here, I asked them to take fingerprints of the lock, and the door, and the wall where the person who screwed the screw in with a drill would have held his hand to do this.

I know that the person who screwed us in our apartment did so after 10pm, because I had gone to seven eleven and got snacks at 10 pm and our door did not have a screw in it, and there was no burn marks on the carpet outside our window. I was also awake until 1am this morning, and the person who did this had to have used a drill, and had knowledge of carpentry. Most likely male. I have a few suspects in mind, but I the police can't just take my word as to whom I think is most likely the perpetrator of this crime.

The police had us write out a police report, and the took the screw in for DNA testing, because their would be skin cells still on the screw from the perp. after the locksmith realized that someone had done this he did not touch the screw, and the police advised us to wait for them to get to our apartment before we touched the door, or the screw. They also took swabs were the fire was started to see what kind of excelerent was used. The perp did not have any fuel to keep the fire sustained to do enough damage. Luckily!

The fact that this happened twice in one week, and the fact that our apartment manager and the locksmith who unlocked our door last time are the only people who know about this, make us suspicious of them. The locksmith that worked on our door last time we were locked in did not answer his phone at all today. Which is fishy because locksmiths always answer their phones. The guy who unlocked the door lastime was in his mid 20's early 30's and his name was Richard. He seemed harmless at the time, but looking back he pretty much forced me to go down to his van with him to get the credit card info, and I wanted to go over to the seven eleven and take out the money and pay him in cash.

After the whole ordeal with police and everything was done, the police said that their is somebody out their who want to see you hurt, one of you. Either me or my mom. They told us not to leave the apartment alone at night, and not to knock on anybody's doors to ask questions, or to see if they herd or saw anything. The police already did that, and would be back to do it again after the people got back from work. As this did happen in the morning around 9am or 10am, and the whole ordeal wasn't done with until 2 almost 3 pm today.

My mom and I needed groceries, so me, mom, and Eleanor left together and walked to the grocery store. On our way back, some guy comes up to me, a guy I don't think I've ever seen before, and says he is drunk, and asks me what I would if I was drunk. My mom was about five feet away, and couldn't hear what this guy was saying, and I told the drunk guy to get away from me, and that I was feeling uncomfortable and scared by his question and how he got in front of me and blocked me from my mother. I yelled for my mom, who came over to me, and then I asked this guy if he screwed our door shut and started a fire outside our apartment, and he makes this big scene, saying, "No what would make you think I did anything like that?" I was like get away from me or I'm calling the police. Finally he walked away, and me and mom crossed the street, and were like, "what the fuck was that about". I racked my brain, if I had ever seen him before, and then I remembered I had seen him once in the bar my dad hangs out in, and I've seen him sitting outside seven eleven sometimes. He never spoke to me before, until today.

It seemed to me like, he felt I was not noticing him unpurpose, and that he wanted me to notice him. That he had intertwined himself into my dads life, and my dad unknowingly gave him our address and apartment number. Non of this I know for sure, I have no idea who it really was that did such a thing. All I know is somebody did it, and when we find out who, we are pressing charges.

Anyway, we ended up calling my dad was in Wisconsin and told him about what happened, and he caught a flight back to Hawaii as soon as possible, and we are going to pick him up from the airport in an hour. All this started happening after my dad left.

Really their are no coincidences in crimes. This person knew my dad was not with me 24/7 anymore, and knew that my mom worked nights, but was sick last night, and didn't go into work. (thank my lucky stars)

It could be Charlie, I hadn't seen or herd from him in over three months, and I just happened to see him downtown after I got done getting my take home dose, and I didn't talk to him, all said in passing was, "holy shit you've gotten even more skinny". Which is just a statement, not meant to be mean. It wouldn't be hard for Charlie to piggy back into our building and do this, but I don't think it was him. I've herd stories that he has gotten out of control with his addiction, but I always tell the people who ask me about him that I no longer speak to him, and we have no contact, and I would rather not talk about him.

Those of you who are reading this post, and don't know who Charlie is should go back to my posts from September and October.

On my Myspace page I took all photos of our apartment from the inside and photos of the building we live in, and our pool, and our corridor, which looks identical to all the corridors in our building except the 16th floor. Anyway, I took down all those photos, and any photo linking me to Charlie, and just anything I could think of that could give away where I live.

There is another guy who I see all the time, and it feels like he is waiting for me all the time. He offered to read me my tarot cards, but he would only do it in his apartment alone. I thought that was much too dangerous and declined. I took one of his cards with his phone number on it, and said I would think about it. I then called him back after seeing him every day, and him asking me about when I want to get my cards read. I told him I would do it if my mom could come with me, and we could do it in a public place, and he said fine, and we set up a date and time, but we never showed, because something just didn't feel right. The guy was just not right. After that day we didn't show up, I would still see him was like he knew the times I would be going out of the building, such as in the morning to get my dose, and in the afternoon when I walk my dog, and morning when I walk my dog, and at night when I go to seven eleven. He also called my dad's phone a number of time, and my dad is a very rude person on the phone. My dad ask who it is, and when this guy would tell him who it was, my dad would say we are not interested and hang up on him. After about 10 phone calls from this guy, and my dad hanging up on him or not answering the phone when his number appeared, this guy confronted me and asked why my boyfriend was being so rude to him, and I told him that it was my father, and that I was sorry my dad had been so rude. That was about a month and a half ago, and I've seen him around, but haven't spoken to him, just smiled politely when I saw him. Now I am suspicious of him, and everyone on the floor we live on.

The police said it will take time for the DNA results to come back, he said, "it's not like you see on TV, the DNA doesn't come back in a half hour, it takes a few weeks, and sometimes months, and in your case since this isn't a rape, or a murder it will take some time on the DNA, but the prints he took wouldn't take too long to come back. The police took my moms, and my prints and the locksmiths prints to exclude us from any foreign prints.

I doubt this is some stalker, because I'm fat, and I never put on makeup any more. I'm not at all interested in men, and I never talk to them. In fact I hate talking to men in real life. All men think about is sex, and I'm not sexy right now with this fat from my methadone and butterfingers, so I believe somehow, somewhere I pissed somebody off, or my mom did, and this person is trying to get back at us.

All in all its been a fucking crazy and freaky day. Tonight I'm going to stay awake all night, and keeping the TV low, and read. I will listen to hear if anybody is creeping outside our apartment. If someone is I will call 911 immediately. My dad is a big man, and will defend my mother and I to the death.

Just in case its somebody out there in cyberspace who hates me, and is mad at me for writing something, then just tell me what your mad about, and I will take it down. You don't have to lock us in our apartment and try to start a fire. I hate to get police involved in any situation, but this situation merited police intervention. Our lives were put in danger.


Anonymous said...

It is good to see that you were concerned that your life was in danger. At one point, you didn't want to live.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

This is very scary. Please be extra careful. Also, keep an eye on your dog. I wouldn't want anybody to have an opportunity to harm your dear pet.

Call the police if you are in doubt. Better to be safe than sorry. Glad your dad is coming back.

Keep us posted on the situation.



Smack Happy said...

Oh Anna, that is awful. I hope they catch the A-hole responsible. Please be safe!!


AnnaGrace said...

I've always had this fear that I would die a horriable, and scary death. I'd rather die with a needle in my arm than at the hands of some rapiest who attacks then kills me.

Thanks for the comment Anon.

Hope to hear from you again.

Anna Grace

AnnaGrace said...

I am being extra carefull except for this evening and I think I learned my lesson. I would protect Eleanor with my life. If somebody were to hurt her I would have to hurt them, maybe even cut out their eyes, and toes.

AnnaGrace said...

I hope that catch the asshole asap. This whole thing is making my paretns trying to force me to move back to Wisconsin with them asap. Which I won't do.