Friday, May 1, 2009

Its not a secret anymore insert famous person here, that the majority of ppl said I should keep anon, after outting him as an addict.

What I'm about to write, no-one is going to believe, and I don't blame you because if I read it on somebody else's blog I wouldn't believe it either.

As most people who read my blog know that I live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, in the city of Honolulu. Lost is filmed here, and my dad got a part as an extra on the show Lost. Along with show Lost, any number of movies are being filmed here on this island. My dad saw a movie star once, Shilo LaBuff(the guy from Indiana Jones new movie). As for myself I have never seen a movie star while here on this island, in this city...UNTIL TODAY!

This morning I woke up late, and this morning I had to be at the Methadone clinic to get my daily dose, and my take home doses. The clinic closes at 11:30am, and it was almost 11am when I woke up. I'm not quit sure what woke me up, but thank my lucky stars I woke up, because I would have been out of Methadone for three full days.

After waking, I had no time to do usual morning routine. Instead I splashed some water on my face, and gave Eleanor four treats to keep her occupied while I left without her. (poor baby) I got on the elevator and it seemed like forever on the way down, even though I know it takes exactly 28 seconds from my floor to the lobby. Once out of the building I ran as fast as my feet would take me to the car. I get in the car, and its sweltering HOT. So I turn on the air conditioner, and what do know, its not working. Not only is the air conditioner not working, but my hazards were on, and I had no time to figure out how to turn them off. So I rolled down the all the windows, and, zoomed out of the parking lot, and blew thru the traffic on my way to get my fix(s).

I get to the clinic with 5 minutest to spare. So I park run to up the stairs and to the clinic, and I get in right away, and go to the doseing room, and get my doses. Now I can breath a sigh of relief. I could dry myself of the sweat pouring out of my body, and find a cigarette to smoke. I look thru my purse on the elevator ride down, and there are no smokes. I cursed, and got out of the elevator.

I walk out of the elevator, and I see the usual crowd of junkies who gather around looking for Xanax, Blue heavens, baby blues, so on and so forth. For good measure I went and said hello to my fellow Methadone addicts, and ask if anyone had a non menthol smoke I could bum. This is the first time I look around at all the faces in the this group. I looked straight across from me, and I'm eye to eye with insert (famous person name here). For those of you who don't know who (insert famous person's name here) is, he is the guy in all of the Adam Sandler movies. Now you know who I'm talking about?

At first my mind told me it had to be a look alike. There is no way a famous person would be mingling amongst us opiate addicts, making shady deals for all different kinds of prescription drugs. As this man who looks identical to Rob Schneider offers me a smoke, I just keep looking at him trying to keep my weird American gene from overcoming me that makes me want to get his autograph, or even ask him if he is who I think he is, and then tell him I think he was the best in some movie he wasn't even in.

I was also alarmed that all these methadone patients don't realize that there is a famous comedic movie star among us looking for pain meds. The only thing I could figure was everyone was so engulfed in what they were doing to notice who was in the crowd, except for the person who was carrying the pill they are looking to buy.

So here I am, I just got a smoke of (insert famous actor's name here) in the middle of a frenzied drug addict crowed. I muster up the courage to ask (insert actors name here) what he is looking for. He looks at me, and says I was told to come here if I wanted to find any kind of Morphine, or Oxycontin, perhaps even Heroin. I looked at him with a big smile on my face, and said, "I know exactly where you can get grade A Heroin". I had memorized all the numbers of dealers I used to buy from when I lived here last summer, and was still using H. I didn't have a cell on me, but he did. The first number I called was the guy who had the best H, but he only sold 100 dollars at a time. At this moment I feel like I'm living this experience outside my own body. I have (insert famous person's name here) IPhone in up to my ear listening to a certain drug dealers phone ring. I let it ring probably 8 or 9 times, and as I was about to hang up and go onto the second dealers number, and the guy answers. I tell him who it is, and he wants to have a conversation about where I've been, and how I've been, and I have to break in, and say I have someone looking to purchase some of your (code words) and when can he have it ready and when can we go to pick it up. He tells me 20 minutes and I'll meet at such and such bus stop.

So I hang up, tell him what he's getting, and that I can give him a ride to the bus stop where you will meet him. He said no, I have my own car, just tell which bus stop, and I'll meet him there. I was like, wait, I just vouched for you. He doesn't know you. He will want me there to make sure I can vouch for you in person. Then he said, "I think when he See's me he will know I'm not a cop, and I'm not going to rob him. Finally I had confirmation it was the famous comedic actor (Insert famous person's name here) here at my Methadone clinic looking for a fix. Now that I had confirmation that it was Rob, I told him if he wants to go alone, I have to call the guy again and let him know I wont be there at the hand off, but when he gets there he will know who this person is, because he has seen him in Adam Sandler movies. I didn't say his name over the phone, so my old dealer is probably thinking this is some kind of trick, or who the hell is this famous person is, and why is Anna calling me for him. Which is exactly what I was thinking too.

So I made the call to the dealer, and he said he would still go thru with the deal. I gave (famous person) the directions, but to my surprise he knows downtown chinatown better than I do. As soon as I said the bus stop across from this school, and this drug store, he know exactly where I was talking about. (famous person) then said, "Thanks for the help, and please don't go around telling everyone who will listen that you just told a movie star how to get Heroin, no body will believe you. I have a publicist, and it just wouldn't be worth it for you." I said, "Of course, its my ass just as much as yours if you get caught." What I didn't mention is I have blog, and hardly anyone reads it, so I'm going to blog about it.

(Insert famous person name here) gives me his pack of Marlboro Reds, and puts a 20 dollar bill in my hand, and goes off to a black Mercedes, and gets in the back seat. While I was on the phone we had walked away from the crowed of addicts so I could hear. After he was gone, I went back to crowd of people that had thinned out a bit, and I said didn't you guys know who that guy I was with was? They all said some guy I have never seen before. That's why I didn't sell him any of my pills. I looked at this guy who denied (insert famous person's name here) drugs, and told him who it was he wouldn't sell his pills to. Then everyone was like I thought I recognized him, but his hair was longer, and he had a beard. Then I realize if (famous person's name) had worn sunglasses with the hat he had on, I probably wouldn't have noticed who he was, but he wasn't wearing sunglasses. He had his sunglasses on his hat.

I was still in a state of awww, when I pulled myself away from the crowed, and the swealtering heat, and the sun beating down hard upon my pasty white skin. I got in my car, and remembered the air conditioner wasn't woking, and my hazzards were on. I was back to reality. I had to get home, and tell my mom about this odd, 1 in a million chance that I met a movie star who uses Heroin, and happen to be told if he goes to the Methadone clinic, he would be certain to find someone who could get him either pills or Heroin.

When I got home, and told my mom, she was like whatever this didn't happen. So I showed her the pack of cigarettes, and the 20 dollar bill. Finally she was like OMG. Then I asked her if she thinks it would be okay for me to blog about it. It has been a while since anything really interesting happened to me, having to do with drugs. My mom was like heck yeah you should blog about it, its not like anyone who knows Rob is going to read this, and even if they do, I can say its pure fiction.

So here I am blogging about my first famous person sighting, and he happened to be an opiate addict just like me. It was like it was meant to be. I never wake up that late, except today. I rarely am there for the frenzy after the methadone clinic closes, where the junkies sell and buy prescription pain meds. It just so happens I'm the only one who noticed him, and my old dealer still had the same number, and answered the phone. The odds of this happening are in the billions.

This totally has to go in my book, but I'll have to say "someone famous" instead of (insert famous person's name here)

This is honest to God cross my heart something that happened to me today. In the life of Anna Grace.

I have some more stuff I want to get off my chest, but it can wait, this couldn't. I'm an American, famous people are like royalty, its hard to imagine they are humans just like us, but today I found they are humans just like us. Not at all perfect. So go suck it to those people who say that you can't be a functional Heroin addict.

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome, haters and non hates welcome.

P.S. I should have not let anons comment. I ended up not sticking to my guns and using his name. I will give you a clue tho, First initial R. Last inital S. has been in all of Adam Sandler's movies after Billy Madison.

Oh yes, and the anon who said he/she was glad their were not in the lime light...yeah fucking right! LOL!

Lots of love to everyone,
Anna Grace


Fishwhiskers said...

wow just wow! and the most amazing thing: u didnt even score urself. now that was really worth blogging about. k xx

Anonymous said...

You're such a dumb-ass--I happened upon your blog while searching out some info on methadone (which, by the way, you sound as though you've gotten nothing from the treatment, and your references disrespect both yourself and all compliant methadone patients) and came upon your blog through a search engine. And if, by any chance, you are WRONG about this person's identity you've just set yourself up for a nice big defamation lawsuit. Dumb-ass.

Anonymous said...

the only real problem with your story is that you have no clue about treatment. To you, methadone is a fix, a drug, not a medication that normalizes brain function and makes it possible for you to live a normal - or almost normal - life. By hanging out with the other losers you continue to stigmatize the treatment and make government regulators continue to impose harsh rules to prevent the very group you gravitated to sell their medication, trade pills, look like the treatment is a failure. Grow up. Get respect for youself and others, and whether or not you met a famous person, you met someone in need of help and you only prolonged his problems.

You need to be educated and understand the underpinnings of medication assissted treatment andvthe biobehavioral basis for methadone prescriptions for opioid dependence.

Fishwhiskers said...

hey, anonymous ... are u actually a drug user? it doesn't sound like it to me, otherwise u would be a bit more understanding. in fact most people on the methadone programme do still use drugs as well, and that is the same in all the countries. what most medical practitioners forget, is that it is not only the drug we are addicted to or the high, but also the ritual around it, i.e. injecting, smoking, finding it, waiting around for it etc. Only when u are able to beat the ritual, u are truly able to give up the drug.

but anyway, simply by the fact that u had to comment 'anonymously' proves that u have no understanding of drug use and/or human beings. U just want to spout off ur shit and don't care about the results. the real dumb-ass here is NOT the blogger, but YOU!!!

AnnaGrace said...

To the first anon comment:

I have got a lot from the Methadone treatment, I'm no longer in the gutter shooting junk into my viens, or going to every hospital in the city looking for Hydromorphone or Oxycontin.

I am considered a compliant Methadone patient even though I use benzos, I have a perscripton. This perscription doesn't always last the month it suppose to, so I'm often out looking to buy benzos off the street.

So I've happened upon another addiction.

BTW, I doubt that Mr. Schnieder due to the fact that I got him Heroin, will file a defamation lawsuit. Rag mags write abou this shit all the time. If I would have took a photo, I could have gotten alot more money than 20 dollars.

Sorry dumbass. Fuck 'em!

AnnaGrace said...

YOu think I have no clue about treatment. I've been thru 3 inpatient drug treatment centers, and 6 IOP treatments, and every time I was in treatment I was using. I got kicked out of those treatments.

Go look up the how many people are "cured" by inpatient treatment programs. Watch intervention, and then read about what happens after filming. 9 out of 10 go back to using. Do your home work.

The Methadone has improved my life in many ways. I'm no longer stealing, shooting dope, sharing needles, homeless, having sex for dope.

You may call other junkies losers, but I call them friends, and I don't just push a friend away because he or she is still using. I can hang out with a person who shooting up in front of me, and say NO due to the Methadone treatment. I still have the cravings, but I know it will be a waste of time...I tried it.

IF you weren't just another bigot, you would have read more than just one or two post of my blogs, and know that I know as much as one with out DR. befor their name knows. At our Methadone clinic our Docotor leads group therapy every Friday which I attend. I've also read extensivly on the subject of methadone and Heroin, and all other opiates, and opioids.

I hate the stigma that comes along with Methadone treatment as much as you. Some people are just not ready to stop using drugs completly. Its a behaviour that needs to change, and these people haven't changed their behavior.

I'm not a save a junky. If someone wants dope, and is sick I'm going to tell them about the Methadone treatment, but they usually say someday, and have me call an old dealer to get dope.

Have you ever considered its the goverment thats doesn't understand opiate addiction, and Methadone, or even inpatient treatment, or IOP treatment? You should write your congress men, not comment on my blog about how I am fucking it up for the rest of us.

Now go off and write your congress man, and trying getting hooked and then come tell me how I'm making MMT look bad. K.

AnnaGrace said...

Thanks for the backup Fishwiskers, thanks for everything Fishwiskers. Really thank you!

Lots of love
Anna Grace

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Anna,

A great post this one. You stuck to the story and told it in the order that it happened... that's all you have to do to improv the flow of writing 100%.Really brilliant.

I won't even comment to anonymous... they obviously have no brain, so I'm not gonna waste my time.

Hope you're well Anna... allmy best, shane. x

Ps: can you lend me 20 bucks?? lol & a smoke!!

Smack Happy said...

Great job dealing with "Anon", Anna. You made some excellent points.

What's the lastest with the locked door/fire situation? Any updates?

Also: what's the title of your book?

Take care.


Fishwhiskers said...

Anna, no need to thank me for anything. People like 'Anon' get my back up. Hope ur doing well ... love K.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Anonymouses name calling pisses me off. You are anything but dumb.

That was a really wild thing to happen to you. Wow. Trippy man.

Shane's p.s. made me laugh.

Love ya,


AnnaGrace said...

Smack Happy,

Haven't herd anything about the locked door. Well actually our manager told us a few nights after we were locked in our apartment, someone took all the windows out someones room, without waking them up. Which would be easy here in Hawaii, because we have windows that are little panels you can slip out.As for the cops no word. Cops are nice to your face, but this crime isn't as serious as say "someone selling drugs" so we are put on the bottom of the pile. Fuckers

My book, ahhh my book. My working title is "I Hate Myself and Want to Die." Plagiarized from Mr.Kurt Cobain.
So then I thought "Kurt Cobain Hurt my Feelings", but thats even more stupid.
I'm sure I'll come up with something a little more subtle, but still have to do with Kurt Cobain. He's influenced me in every way imaginable. IF only my parents had kicked me out... Maybe that will be my title. The one thing Kurt wanted was for his family to get back together, and for them to treat him like a loved teenager.
Really I don't know what Kurt wanted, but my home life is the opposite of Kurt's. Which I am thankful for, and resentful for.

Plus I have to get over this stupid Kurt obession. Its unhealthy. I try and try, but the two nights ago I was watching the Movie "Hackers" and in the main character's bedroom he had that Huge Nirvana Poster with Kurt up front, and that night I had this long and in detailed dream about Kurt and Courtney.
I've told my shrink about this, and she has yet to tell me that he is a bad influence. Yet I know he is. He killed himself for chirst sake.
Sorry I went off on a tangit!

Thanks for the comment.

AnnaGrace said...


I'm not sure why I was able to tell this story in order, and not get sidetracked? Perhaps because it was so fresh in my mind.

I'm sorry I need the 20, and the smokes.

Lots of love

AnnaGrace said...


You always know just the right thing to say. LOL!

Love ya, by the way I'm on my way over to your blog.

leasafb said...

O and being on methadone myself for 6 years I am just happy I am not in the lime light. That program is very personal it's the reason you don't have to tell people that you don't want to know because we all know the stigma it carries. If I were this guy you claim you saw, I would just be hoping no one else reads about something that he is evedently trying to keep on the down low. Not cool.

AnnaGrace said...

Rob isn't on MMT, he was told that he could find people who could steer him in the direction to get either pain pills or smack.

I have decided to take his name down, but I will leave the post up. I will still leave the fact that he is famous from being in Adam Sandle movies, but not the movies he stared in.

Now is everyone satisfied.

Brother Frankie said...

ya know, no one believes addicts..

but a compliant addict may get some attention..

Good post and thanks for the reply..

im here checkin ya out.

you are loved
Brother Frankie