Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've noticed something about Shane's writing that shall teach me.

Shane's prose is eloquent, honest, and hits the reader like a ton of bricks. Causing the reader to want to comment, and subscribe because they just cannot help themselves. I am one of those readers/followers.

I hate to admit this, but jealousy is seeping out of pours by this mans ability to take the written word, and bring it to life. When he writes about Heroin even a non user can relate. Shane was given such a great ability, that he worked on, and by reading books, and even perhaps studying the Literate, he has become...dare I say it? The William S. Burroughs of a new generation.

Shane, I make this promise to myself, I will become a better writer of prose, by both reading and studying your blog along with comments that accompany, and by reading book after book, and tossing the TV out the god damn window, and watch it fall the 14 stories I've imagined myself falling a million times in a day.

I do believe that would be very cathartic for me, but the pawn shop is a better substitute, as I could make some money from the TV, that is and has been hindering my writing skills.

Shane has 130 some followers, and my blog has a measly 40 followers, and for each of those 40 followers I am grateful beyond words, or not beyond words, because there are so few things words cannot describe, and so many things words can describe. When I say, "beyond words" means I'm too lazy to put it into words that show my appreciation for my followers.

All my kisses, and Death threats, to you Shane, and your Heroin Head blog.

Lots of Love
Anna Grace


Brother Frankie said...

ok, now ya got 41

Kat Skratch said...

Isn't he great? :)

I agree

sKILLz said...

Well after Frankie you will have 42.
I love this # because all you have to do is add a 0 and it becomes 420! Yeaaaa Babbbbbyyyy!

Yo not for nothing but your words are pretty good yourself.
If you know me then you know I nothing but real talk and I don't just say shit to make people feel better!

Yo Shane is a fucking genius and I love that homie!
Can't wait for the day we meet face to face!
Yo if you wanna talk more
Holla at me:

Just make sure you let me know its you so I dont trash it.
Stay Up lil homegirl!

AnnaGrace said...

Thanks Brother Frankie for the 41! Means the world to me!
Lots of love to you, and all.
Anna Grace

AnnaGrace said...


Thanks for being 42. I'm glad you decided to follow my blog. I glad that if I knew you, as you said, I would know that your honest, and mean what you say, say what mean. That is soemthing I want out of all my followers.

Lots of love,
Anna Grace

P.S. I will keep in contact.