Monday, June 29, 2009

gotta go...sleepy

I live in fucking mile or less to the Ocean, and still I'm pasty white. Like goth white. I also have Herpe's complex A, aka, a cold sore on my bottom lip. Thank goodness for makeup. I bought red eyeliner, and now I can make myself look sicker than I really am, so when I'm out in Fort St. looking for Xanax bars the seller will want to take the people with the most money (me) and the sickest (me)!

Its week three into the Benzo drought. The main source, whom I know, but don't really know. Like I've seen him, and even slept in the same hotel room with him once two summers ago. Back when I was slim, and lean, and sticking rigs in my viens.
Ahhhhhh, I miss those days. People keep telling me I'm sick, I have a disease, the disease of addiction, and that is why I miss sticking rigs in my viens full of brown juice called Heroin.

Heroin is a tricky drug. I'm for adults being able to choose what they put into their body. I think before they start putting drugs into their body, they should know that some of these drugs are addictve. For instance Heroin gives you one of the best feelings a drug can produce, but if you use every day for a month straight your gonna get hooked, not just mentally, but physically. With Cocain its a one minutes high, and you need another hit. Extacy is a good drug for a party, but you can never be sure whats in it, unless your getting pure MDMA you have no idea what they used as a filler in the pills.

I wonder if there is some kind of utopia, if it is achiveable? Perhaps its only achiveable with an injection of Heroin, and only lasts 4 hours? Is the church keeping us from feeling ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


Anonymous said...

Don't try to say the Methadone made you fat. It's the GD Butterfingers you pig.

AnnaGrace said...

True dat, asshole.

Brother Frankie said...

True dat, asshole.

made my friggin day.

be blessed asswipes, we love ya all.

Brother Frankie

(shhhheeeit, now i know why they wont give me a church)