Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Eleanor. The big 4.

Good Morning all. Its my dog Eleanor's birthday, she is 4 years old. I just got at around 7am, its 8:30am here in hot as hell Hawaii. I took Elle out for her morning walk, and I let off leash longer than usual this morning, then when we got home she got to eat soft puppy food for breakfast her favorite. Then I gave her to my dad, because in the morning she loves to get rough pets from him. She really loves it when he scratches just above her tail, and in between her shoulders. After that I gave her my pets, and then I gave her a birthday bone. The bones that make her constipated so we can only give them to her once a week. Then I put her on the bed with my mom, and sniff at her like I'm going to take her bone away, and we play this game. Its an annoying game for my parents, because Elle is growling, and running all over the bed like a wild animal snapping at me. The bone is too big in her mouth for her to really bite me, but she tries. Then when I want her to settle down, I play with her like a real dog plays. I sit a few feet away from her, and then I look at her, until she growls, when she growls I look away, and then slowly and slyly look back, until Elle puts her ears down telling me to stop, and I look away again, and this goes on for up to a half hour until she starts to chew on the bone, or she gets board and lays down to sleep.

As far as Elle's health I've been worried. I know her hind legs hurt her because she was born with knees that go in and out of joint all the time. Which is why she doesn't like to walk alot. Sometimes we will go outside for a walk, and she will refuse to walk, and I chalk it up to her back legs, and I give her a half of a baby aspirin. After I give her that, we go back out a half hour later, and she is happy as a pig in shit to walk and run.

Lately I've also noticed that she has a second bald spot growing on her side towards her belly. There is a sort of scab on it, which I clean out daily with peroxide, and alcohol, and I put some salve on it. She itches at it constantly. Now this is the second bald spot she has gotten. She has a big on her back over her left shoulder. She got that one when she was around two years old. It wasn't too bad when I left for Hawaii the first time two summers ago, but when I got back it was a huge bald spot that looked like a scar. My dad chalked it up to a dog bite, but he never actually saw the dog bite her. So now I'm starting to think she has some kind of skin disease, or something. I want to bring her to the vet, but my dad...the fucking idiot asshole he is, thinks I'm worrying too much about her. So I told him I'm going to spend my Financial aid money to bring her to the vet. He said I couldn't. I was like, "Who the fuck do you think you are? Eleanor is my dog, and that money is my money, I can, and I am taking her to the vet to find out what is going on with these bald spots. She also has a small lump under her ear. Which I'm going to show the vet.

Elle still needs to be fixed, and there is a surgery they can do on her back legs to stop them from hurting, and she needs her teeth to be scraped, because she has black building up on them, and its too much for a dog her age. Our vet back in GB told us to feed her more hard food. She ate hard food her entire life, until last year when I noticed that she wasn't eating very much, and she was only 3 and half pounds. So I started to have my parents buy her soft food. We soon found out she only eats Caesars dog food. She won't touch any other soft food. So now every day we feed her half a Caesars plate of soft food in the morning, and the other half at night. She always has hard dog food out. Because Elle is so small she has to have dog food out at all times, because her blood sugar can drop so fast, and she might need that food at any given moment. She always has to have water out. Clean water.

I don't know what I'm going to do for her big gift today. Perhaps go to the park this evening when all the other small dogs are out, and try to get her to play with them. She loves the park, but she hates playing with other dogs. Yet she loves to sit on my lap and watch the other dog play fight each other. These dogs are almost all little chow wa dogs that are 5lbs or less, just like Elle. She has no reason to be afraid of them, but she is. When any of them try to sniff her she snips at them and growls at them. Its cute, but embarrassing.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Happy birthday to Eleanor! Give her a kiss and hug from me, Anna.

Love you,


kelly Al-Saleh said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Re the bald patches, it's not fox mange is it? My mum had a (very soppy) rottweiler and she kept shedding lumps of hair and I think it was diagnosed as fox mange.

As regards my own blog... my mac is at work at the mo (cos they don't have a mac for me to design on). So it's near impossible to read everyone elses blogs nevermind put my own up. I've been told to leave at the end of the month so I'll get my mac back so maybe then.

The other slight concern is that my dad, being Middle-Eastern will find it. He doesn't know I'm an addict. Where he comes from I'd be shot just for not having my hymen intact, nevermind being an addict as well. So I'll have to be careful. Maybe make up a name and identity. I would like to do it though. It's been great discovering your blog, Shanes, Gledwoods and Melodys & SBs blogs. Places I go to feel normal and at home. The other great thing is we're all from all over and yet share so much. Just shows you how small the planet is and humanity is what it is regardless of cultural/religious upbringing. It's a good feeling.

you take care sweetie