Friday, June 12, 2009

water on a laptop, miracles do happen.

Oh gosh last night was a crazy night. NOT! I took way too many Valium while blogging on my Myspace blog, and ended up nodding out and spilling water all over the laptop. My dad was sitting on the couch watching me nod, and he told me to put the cap on my water, and go to sleep. I was determined to finish that blog, and as my dad had predicted the water spilled. Suddenly the screen went blue and said to call tech support or something of that nature. Instead I dried off the computer, and tipped the putter over to get any water out. Then I shut the computer down, and pulled out the internet connection thingy out. A few minutes later I turned the computer on, and nothing...the screen was black.

I was devastated. I tried Turing on and off a few more times, and finally I turned it off and left the laptop open so the water would dry out. All night I worried about this. I was worried what I would do. How would I keep intouch with Kaycee, how would I complain on my blog for people to read. How would tell gross stories about queefs, and diarrhea and have the public read them.
Mainly though I was worried about the cost of repairing the computer, or having to buy new laptop. I had spent all my money on frivolous self indulgent drugs, and now I'm broke, and just spilled water on the laptop because of those frivolous self indulgent drugs.

Thank the fucking lord, when got back from the Methadone clinic and was going to call those cars that say nerd on them, but when I went to try to turn it on, it just turned on. I was so relived, and read my email, and went straight to blogger to post this post. I got lucky.

My dad didn't even bother to yell at me for this. He knew this would be a big blow on me and my mom. We are the only two who use the computer. I am writing a book on this computer, however shitty that book maybe, its a book to me. I thankfully backed up my book on a portable USB drive, along with all of our family photos. My mom's short stories where not backed up. She had bought a portable USB, but she never got to even taking it out of the packaging, much backing up her files on it. My mom's short stories are good, because they are about her childhood, and stories I had never herd. I wanted to keep those stories for personal reasons, she was also writing a story about how it is to have a two children, one who dies at age 19, and another daughter who is addicted to Heroin, and has sever Bi Polar, and still lives with her and her husband at the age of 26. She also wrote about how I have lofty goals, and how she hopes I achieve them.

Yep mom, I read every single file you have in documents. LOL. Since you probably read every single blog I put out there, and comment anonymously sometimes when I stay something stupid, or something you think is stupid.

Today is the big day I take my dog Eleanor into the vet to find out why she has been having diarrhea for over three days, and get her up to date on her shots, along with getting her cleared for our flight. When I paid 23 dollars to they told me it could be an ulcer in her stomach or her upper colon, and we should give her 2.5mgs of Pepcid AC. I sounds crazy! She also told me to feed her a bland diet of chicken and low fat cottage cheese, and rice. She won't eat the cottage cheese, or the rice. She only eats the chicken. Its been two full days since I've been feeding her the bland diet the ask a vet told me to feed her, and have been giving her the 2.5mgs of Pepcid AC a day, and she hasn't pooped yet, and I need a bring the doctor a specimean. So now what if she doesn't have a bowel movement, and we will have no stool to show the vet.

I have to go, its getting close to vet time. Howdy do folks.
poor white trash

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Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hope Eleanor is okay, Anna.