Thursday, February 25, 2010

rose colored glasses

A great day for Anna Grace. Found this morning I found out that my insurance is paying for my daily dose of Methadone. They are also paying for the gas miliage there and back. Whoop, Whoop! My parents can no longer make me feel like shit for paying for my methadone. 95 dollars a week, 18 dollars a day, 390 dollars a month. Its free, its free! I still have give my father all my SSI checks until I pay back the 5,000 dollars he used to pay for my lawyers when I was in a bunch of legal trouble. After I pay that back I can save up the money and move on to not so greener pastures.

I say not so greener, because nothing is ever as good as it seems while your buliding it up in head. Nothing has ever lived up to my expectaions. I guess I have way too high of expectations.

I have to admit something. This is embarrassing. I'm so not this type of girl. I'm not goth, although I often get along with goth people. I love the movie Twilight, I love the book Twilight. I watch the movie everytime its on Showtime. Sometimes three times a day. I want to look like Bella. I want to marry the guy who plays Edward. Robert Patterson. I have such a thing for British guys, I don't know why. Something to do with the Sex Pistols, and the Smiths. Wait are the Smiths British. I could "Bing it" and find out, but I'd rather look stupid. I wish I could move to England, but my SSI wouldn't carry over to any other country. I'm stuck in the States, if I want to live off the goverment. If I sell my book tho, England here Anna comes. Beware.


Barbara said...

Great news about the insurance!

I will buy your book and help you promote it.

Yes, The Smiths are British. I have a thing for Aussies but when it comes to music the UK is on top!

Lori said...

I found your blog and I really empathize with alot of things you are going through. I am prescribed methadone for pain and Xanax for anxiety. So, I know about being numb. My husband of 19 years died last year, and so did most of me. I, too, LOVE, Twilight. I think maybe because it's every little girls dream to grow up and find her "prince"..Unconditional love. Hang in there...I,too, love all things, men, British...