Thursday, March 4, 2010

my 200th post

My 200th post. In these posts I tell anyone who reads this whatever is on my mind. I'll tell you how uncool I am. I've mentioned before that I watch the movie Twilight over and over, read the book twice in jail. Well I've cut my hair to look like Bella(the main character), I had my mom curl it to look like Bella's hair. I even put in brown contacts. I feel like if I look like Bella, then Edward,(the male lead character) will find me, and fall in love with me. He doens't have to be a vampire.

Normally I don't go for men that are more attractive than I am. They are more likely to cheat, and beak my fragile little heart. This guy who plays Edward, his real name is Robert Patterson, and he is drop dead. My heart flutters just seeing him on my TV screen.

Please dear god, I know I've been a bad girlfriend, cheated on both of my longterm boyfriends, and was vain, and everyother horriable thing I could be to my boyfriend. I believe I should still have a chance at love. Maybe not with a movie star whom millions upon millions of women are pineing over. Still someone who will take me out of this one horse town.

Someone help me get over this obession. PLEASE!

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