Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fish guts

Did I ever mention that my mom is Wiccan. She's followed many religions in the past 27 years of my existence. Now that she's Wiccan, though I like her alot more. I've always loved her, but as a Pentecostal, FUCK was she a bitch.

Love hangs herself with her bed sheets in her cell. Ten good reasons to stay alive, ten good reasons I can't find. OH give me a reason to be beautiful, so sick in his body so sick in his soul. Give me one reason to be beautiful. Love hates you. I live my life in ruins for you. And for all your secrets kept. I squashed the blossom oh the blossoms dead. I will make myself so beautiful.
Miles and miles of perfect skin I swear to you I fit right. Miles and miles of perfect sin, I said I fit right in your perfect skin. Hey baby take me all the way. I"m faded like a rose, give me a reason to be beautiful. So sick in his body so sick in his soul. I'll give you my body just sew me a soul. And they say in the end you'll get bitter just like them. When the fire goes out you better learn to fake, its better to rise than fade away. Hey you were right, named a star for your eyes. Did you freeze, did you weep, turn to gold, baby sleep. Hey honey mine I was there all the time. And I weep at your feet. It rains and rains, its no moooore.

So I bought this spell book, and soon I'll be planting the onions needed to cast a love spell. I know these things come back at you three fold. Boys used to love me without spells, now I love them without spells, so does that even everything out?

Don't steal my heart away.


Gledwood said...

I was grew up Christian. Then I became Hindu (Siddha yoga). Then I tried Buddhism but I hated chanting. Then I got involved in new-age techno-shaman-pagan-type circles. I used to go to a club all Saturday night through Sunday morning-afternoon to evening called The Warp where such types congregated.... Then I was agnostic. Now Christianity is coming round again...

Comically Inept said...

I grew up Pentecostal from age five. When I was 16, I left and wanted to go as far in the opposite direction as possible, so I started supporting Democrats and doing massive amounts of drugs. Just discovered your site and am really enjoying it.