Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh well.

I've awoken with a stomach full of liquid shit, I run to the bathroom and piss out of my anus. I haven't had an opiate or opioid in five days. The Suboxone I started on Monday thru me into instant withdrawls, and since that day I would have preferred a gun shot wound to the head to being dope sick.

This morning though, this morning I had something to look forward to. After many calls yesterday I had gotten myself back into the Methadone clinic. The Doctor took me back, after everything I've gone thru since December 15th. Sick and excited I wipe my ass and run to the car. The sky is still pitch black, its only four thiry in the morning, but I have to get to the clinic.

I can't finish this right now. Long story short I did get dosed, but I'm only at thirty milligrams, and I'm getting sick again. I will be at only thrity milligrams until Wed. when I see the Doctor face to face, and he can up me.

I shant complain, at least I got my methadone. At least I can breath somewhat more freely. My parents are of course disappointed in me, but if that were not true I wouldn't be me.

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