Friday, June 25, 2010

I am my own enemy.

Its oppressively hot outside. Its nicer to sit inside in the airconditoner and read all day. I began ready Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. I can hardly put it down. Today I woke up at five am, and left at six am to make sure I'd miss Justin who comes at 7:30am on the dot every day to get his Methadone dose. I just really hope he is a good dad to his already born daughter and his soon to be born daughter. I can't imagine him as a dad, but I'm sure he is like any other parent who wants the best for their kids. I wonder if he knows that if he gets SSI his children get SSI too until they are 18. So 675 times 3 is what? I don't have a calculator. I'm not a human calculator.

I did watch a little Saved by the bell this morning. Groovy. I felt like a kid again. I can sing along to the song still. Not without it playing in the back round though. I borrowed my parents four thousand dollars today. I got a check for back dated income, and they needed it for the house, and they promise to pay me back before summer is over so I will have enough to go to Hawaii with. That is if I even go at all. We all know I'm terrified to go anywhere far away all by myself. If I find someone to go with me it will be simpler. Hopefully not a killer. With my luck it would be a killer.

My boobs feel big. Its nice to feel like I have big boobs for a night. Its what I'm wearing. Its a tank top, that leaves little to the imagination, but I look down and see my tits, and I put my hands all over them and they flop around and they make feel all tickle down "there".


Gledwood said...

3x what you said is a smidge over $2000

AnnaGrace said...

Thanx Gled. He would get a smidge over 2 grand until his kids turn 18. why is that period not going where I want it? Fuck!

Anyway even if he leaves his kids his kids will always be provided for. They will always get money from the state.

Some of us are just fucking lazy and not too proud to admit it. We "lucked" out and got a mental illness and got SSI, fuck wads. Sorry Gled not towards you.