Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kurt on LSD

It could just be a sugar cube, but how many people do you know that look sort of wasted and happy and have a sugar cube in their mouth that doesn't have a drop or two of LSD?

Pure specutlation. It might not even be a sugar cube. If you look at all the photos in this shoot, they are all sort of trippy.


Gledwood said...


AnnaGrace said...

I cannot post a photo on my blog for the life of me. Did you click on the link. I do not favor the link. I don't belive that Courtney killed Kurt.

How do you post a photo in lay mans terms? If you have time to tell?

Carrion Doll said...

Have you heard that her first husband claims that she paid to have him beat up? And that another band leader claims that she tried to pay him 50 grand to kill Kurt? I am not sure where I stand as of yet. I really had no idea about all of this conspiracy stuff til last week so I have some more reading to do.