Thursday, June 17, 2010

A really boring post...sorry.

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't checked up on any blogs in a while either. I certainly hope that Gled has put up a photo of himself on his blog.

I do need some feed back. Am I being too harsh on Gled. Should I give him some privacy. If he doesn't want to show his face should he be forced to do so by me. He doesn't even have to post it he could email me it. Still he is a rather private person. Am I being a nosey bitch? I just want to put a face to the personality I've grown to enjoy and love. (Told you I'd bring you up in every blog I write)

The reason I haven't written in a while is because I got new linen for bed. Oh goodness is it nice. Its all this light fleece, very soft. I got a three new Palmyra candles. I have one lite, and its burning slowly so my room smells very sweet, I wash my juiced stained sheet, my pillow cases, my blanket, my throw blanket that is also a soft micro fiber. I got a extra pillow that is covered in micro fiber. You might say I'm obsessed with micro fiber.

I gave my room an enema. I cleaned under the bed, around the bed, behind the dressers in the coroners, dusted everything that needed it and didn't need it. I also got some black micro fiber pjs, and a downloaded a good book on my nook. So for the past two or three days I've been holed up in my room laying bed reading and sleeping. The weather is perfect for it too. rain all week. Pouring rain. I could hear it on our tin roofs. Every now and again I would hear thunder. I never looked up from my book long enough to see the lighting.

My baby girl Eleanor( my dog) who would never sleep on my old bed, now she sleeps by me. She prefers soft things, and my bed is mighty soft. So she snuggles up to me and we cuddle. She licks my toes and belly button, and I pet her ears, and her little neck, and chin. I scratch her all over and she stands in this weird position makes this weird little face and braces herself for the scratch. When I stop she paws at me to do it again. She's only five pounds I feel like I'm going to hurt her, but she loves to be man handled.

No I haven't "flicked my bean" in my new comfortable room. A room I once thought of as a cell and now think of as a place of decadence. I'm still on my Nurti-System diet, but every night instead of having their preplanned chocolate snack I have my own snack. I buy a king size Mallocup, and every night after a gross dinner I have my chocolate delight. One Mallocup!

With my new diet I've started smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. I pull myself out of my bedroom and put on a pair of sweat pants with holes in them that are purple, and a t-shirt that has a photo image of Nirvana on it, and it looks like one of their posters. Says something about a show and Seattle and 1991. Every day I dress up in this garb and go for a long walk down these country roads. I think the Ritalin has given me the get up and go to exercise, but the dose is too low to keep the food cravings at bay. I don't cheat like I used to, but I still have my own chocolate at the end of the day not the recommended candy they have on the list that we eat. I'm hoping as we go up on my dose that I will have little to no appetite, and lots of get up and go.

All this is boring, but really my life is boring as hell. I work out, I eat, I read, I sleep, I journal, I write really bad poetry.


elizabeth said...

Boring? Your life is just like millions of others! I know one day you are going to find a purpose to change things for.....I just know you will.......hugs.

Gledwood said...

Is microfibre that thing with about 3,000,000 threadcount? I think we all know about threadcount now from watching the home shopping channel...

I don't get why your doggie would not sleep on your old bed... what was it made of rusty old iron with bits poking out or something? Considering dogs will sleep quite happily on the streets when their owners are homeless, your bed must have been quite something for a dog not to like it... I don't understand...

No pictures of me, but my blog is festooned with pictures and videos of tiny tits today.... The tits in the bath vid is one of my favourites... come by and you will see what I mean.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

We've had shitloads of rain in Ohio, too, Anna. When I'm at work, I want to nap. Laugh.

That's great that you are exercising and mostly sticking to the meal plan. Good for you.

Love you.


Kelley said...

SB I live in Pittsburgh and we've been getting a fuck load of rain as well! The heat combined with the humidity is killing me! Hope all is well Anna Banana!


Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Sigh...rain on a tin roof makes my heart swell just a little.

Gledwood said...

yeah you're never boring

2 packs a day

careful, when i had to have a tooth yanked by the dentist, i was told it was SMOKING that was the culprit


Sweden said...

they have these new things from nicorette to try to quit smoking nicorette inhalers that u puff on only problem is they look exactly like tampon applicators so impossible to use in public or you just look insane sucking on a tampon applicator.

AnnaGrace said...

I'd totally smoke a tampon. I'd think I was cool. Why you might ask. Because it would make me diffrent from the masses.

AnnaGrace said...


Your right, my life is just like a million other people's. No matter how I live. I try to be an idividual and am stuck being like a bunch of others.
I hope I find a purpose. I just hope that puropose is not kids. Please god don't let it be kids. I'm too selfish.

AnnaGrace said...


I'm living the high life now. And yes normaly dogs would sleep on steal, but my dog won't even sleep on the sofa without a pilliow being laid down for her to lay on top of. So for her to sleep on my bed is amazing. The bitch is spoiled rotten. Would never make it in the real dog world. Poor thing.
I went and looked at the tits, and must admit was a bit let down. Sorry. I love your blog, and photo would be awsome. no more excuses.