Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Talking backwards, walking sidways, living upsidedown

I mentioned Charlie from Hawaii in my last Post, and well he called me. He said that he would be looking for a place that he and I can share (as friends) if and when I move down to Hawaii this Winter. I'm shooting for Feb. my birthday month. Charlie is not sure he will get a place by then, so I'm not sure if I do go down there (on my own) that I will have a place to live. Although I should have enough money. I just got four thousand dollars from back pay. Plus I will still get 675 for this month. Which I don't plan on spending a penny of. I'm no longer smoking. I refuse to pay 7 dollars for a pack of smokes that used to cost me 3 dollars. My parents are making me pay for my own cigarettes which is a very good reason to quit.

Today nothing new I can talk about. I'm loving taking care of my Marigolds, and onion plants that I used for the spell I put on Michale Pitt. I have to stay positive that I will someday meet Michale Pitt and that he will be drawn to me. It sorta of makes me giggle thinking about it, bit I have to believe it to make it real. Make fun all you want. I have a lot of spare time so I do some weird things . Like write things saying I eat my boogers. Instead of saying God Save the Queen.

Nothing new. So I'm done.
Lots of love for those of you who are reading


Anonymous said...

have you seen funny games? michael pitt is in that.

Have you seen dreamers?


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Just saying hi, Anna. I'm out here. I'm still reading. That's great that you were able to quit smoking.



Anonymous said...

God, you're such a loser.

Keep up the good work, Anna! Whenever I think my life sucks I come here and remind myself it could never be as worthless as yours.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just can't believe there are people out there that post such mean, hurtful things. Why would anyone want to purposefully bring someone down? What is the point? Obviously the ones that post that stuff have low self-esteem or they would not feel the need to put others down. Wouldn't it be great if everyone lived by the "Golden Rule"? I know, I am just dreaming....
Keep up the good work Anna. Peace.

Anonymous said...

You call anna a looser when you NEED to read a blog to feel better about yourself? hahahaha
you are really PATHETIC
its obvious your life sucks!

Kelley said...

Oh I love that movie Funny Games! Thats by far on my top ten list!


elizabeth said...

Block anonymous comments, they are ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Oh please... all of you read her just to make yourselves feel good. You can pretend you care to make yourselves feel better, but if suddenly she got her shit together her life would be boring and people would stop reading her.

Anonymous said...

the only thing that is boring
is when bloggers put their shit together and they stop writing, but if it is because they are doing fine its makes me happy.
I consider Anna's writing really interesting wether she is doing ok or not.
If you only read her to feel better about yourself it's really pathetic and sad.
Oh Anna.. they really become obsessed with you don't they?

C said...

I'm the anon that posted the comment above and the one that said that stupid joke about your doggie
so as not to be confused
hi I'm C :)

Carrion Doll said...

anon #4 is exactly right. and it is real easy to throw nasty comments when you hide behind anon.

congrats on quitting smoking girl.

and no anon, we do not have to pretend to care because we are actually caring people, not shallow douchebags like you. as the others said, you really have to be pathetic to read a blog to make yourself feel better about life. maybe if you can pull your head out of your own ass, you can go educate yourself about mental illness. consider yourself lucky that you do not have to experience it and have no real understanding of it.

elizabeth said...

I say again, just read the comments of those who really understand where you are coming from and care. BLOCK those anonymous creeps who just want to hurt people with words! (they would be too chicken to do anything else.)

Amelie said...

I actually hve to agree w/ the anons who say they read her bc she's a mess. If she were just regular person w/ a job nobody would come to her blog. I won't deny I have a voyeuristic fascination with her life, and if she ever got her shit together that fascination would be gone. It's not like I hang out with junkies and crazies in real life anyway.