Thursday, July 8, 2010

Great Grandpa's guts are all over the living room floor

Today was a big day for me. Again both my parents brought me to the clinic this morning. There is a reason why, and I sort of demanded they come, but I will get to that later. Today is another sweltering hot day. No threat of severe weather though. Yesterday we had torrents of rain that fell from the sky like the oceans were turned upside down. When it finished our yard looked like a lake, and our TV wouldn't work because our satellite dish was full of water. I went outside and splashed around in a t-shirt and a pair of black sweat pants. It cooled me off, and poor Eleanor (my dog) it was over her head in the middle and she didn't even see it coming. She just started running and suddenly she was under water. It scared the shit out of herself. Her legs are too small to keep her head above water so I had to pick her up. In Hawaii and in Florida we would put her on a body board and she would stand on that and come out into the ocean with us. She hated getting wet. Then one time I did get her wet, and she got sick for three days afterwords, so I never put her in the water against her will again.

I missed my sister so very much while splashing around. It reminded me of a family reunion we had when Angie and I were small children. It had rained out hard earlier that morning in the mid 1980's, and the football field was flooded. Angie and I had on shorts and a matching t-shirts. We were always considered Irish twins because we were only 13 months apart. That day of our family reunion in the 1980's Angie and I played in the huge puddles all day.There is video tape of Angie peeing with her shorts on in the puddle, and of my cousin who is 7 years older than me 8 years old than Angie also peeing in the puddle. Angie was like 6, so this cousin was a fourteen years old. I will not mention names. Just what the fuck were you thinking. This certain cousin will not let me be around their kids anymore because of my drug using past, but they peed in a puddle when they were fourteen and got me and Angie to smoke Cigarettes two years later, its me who's not allowed around the kids. So I got soaking wet, and Eleanor started shaking after about five minutes so I had to go in and get her warmed up.

God seven, that was a big year for me. That was the year Grandma Betty died of Cancer, and Papa Donald killed himself in the Garage at our house. I had Papa and Grandma for so few years, but they made such a huge impact on my life. My Grandpa Donald's father died from a gunshot wound to his stomach. He didn't die from the initial gun shot wound. He tore the stitches open and bleed to death. Kurt Cobain's great grandfather died in much the same way. This happened when my Papa was only fourteen. The same age my cousin was peeing in a puddle. I doubt my Papa peed in a puddle at fourteen. My great Grandmother's name was Minne, I'm told I have the same or a very similar personality to her. These are all grandparents on my fathers side. I'm named after my grandparents on my mother's side. My first name Anna, is after my Great Grandma Anna Jones. Then my middle name Grace is after my Grandam Grace Hyland. I look like that side of the family. I hardly ever mingle with that side of the family. They hate that I'm a recovering drug addict. When I show up at any kind of family function on that side of the family all I get is questions about drugs, and its always about Crystal Meth. Not even the drug that I was addicted to. Probably because of the Methadone. Whatever fuck em.

So today. I went to the clinic again with both parents. Today I had a mission to accomplish. I wanted to get linked back up to the world. It had been two years since I cut myself off from everything and everyone, and I thought it was about time that I at least get a phone. A phone with Internet is like the cherry on top. Now my friend Meghan can call me, and not have to worry about my dad hanging up on her. My dad hangs up on everyone that calls for me. He is just super lazy and thinks everyone is out to give me drugs. Just because your paranoid doesn't mean there not after you. I had to bring my dad along because the cheapest way from me to get a phone was to have him add a line to his already existing contract that was now just a month to month contract. To get me on it, he would have to sign up for another two years. He hates doing that, but if it means forty dollars from me for the next two years he is fine with it. So I got a Blackberry(but I haven't figured out to use the email yet), and my parents got updates on their phones. The both got the exact same phones as each other but my mom's is red, and my dad's is black. Theirs are very simple to use. Old school phones. My mom once had a side kick when she first moved down to Hawaii. She didn't do anything with it until I moved down there and figured out how it worked. I signed her up for a dating web site back then. This is when my parents were split up and my mom was fucking all of Hawaii. Well all of Honolulu at least. Anyway, now I have my own phone. I know nobody from this blog will call me so I'll post my phone number. Just kidding. No wait I'll do it. If you double dare me I'll do it. I just don't want over sea's people calling me in the middle of the night. 'Ello mate. Fuck off asshole. Is the conversation I would have with someone who called me in the middle of my sleep fest.

Well I've nothing interesting to contribute to the world. I've nothing pretty to put into words, and no pretty words to make what I have to say sound any better. So all I can do is apologize for my horrid writing skills and send you over to Heroinheads blog because he can write like a rose smells. Fuck I hate and love him for that. I am jealous beyond all words.


Anonymous said...

give me your celly # I will call.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Your words may not be pretty, but they are honest and true, and I love you for them.


Anonymous said...

My number is 920-660-5231 Anna Grace

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the cmplemente.

The reason I'm coming up as anonymous is because I'm writing this from my black berry type phone from htc. I havent gotten my email on the phone to work. I have to go onto the internet browser on my phone email and comment.

Anna Grace