Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is it destruction that your required to feel?

So I'm up in Medford WI because my dog died. No, not Eleanor Rigby. Thank God!!! I have two dogs aside from Eleanor. Shawnee and Shasta. I got Shawnee when I was in 8th grade, and Shasta when I was 18. So Shawnee was a family dog. She belonged to Mom, Dad, Angie, and me. I got Shasta when I was with my high school sweet heart William. We started dating when I was 15 and he was 20, we got a dog when I became of age finally. When we broke up and I moved back in with my parents Shasta came with me. Pete and I got together shortly afterword and Shasta became my parents dog sort of. My dad really loved Shasta because I had trained her really well. Shasta is a really smart dog. She was potty trained in no time. She never needed a leash, she always stayed by your side when you went for a walk. With Shawnee, I was too young to train her. She was potty trained though, and she didn't need a leash all the time, but she did in the woods because she would run deer. My parents had Shawnee and Shasta up until my parents go back together and all three of us moved down to Hawaii together. Since then Shawnee and Shasta have been living with my aunt up here in Medford WI. Now Shawnee has died of old age.

I left for the clinic early this morning and we then left for Medford from the clinic. We got here around 9:30am. As soon as we got here we buried Shawnee. Just me and my mom came. My dad stayed home. His heart wasn't broken. I guess he's not as attached to dogs after he gives them away. We were going to get Shawnee and Shasta back as soon as we were at the new house this fall. They would go back to my aunts when we went back to Hawaii. Eleanor would come with us, because she is my medically necessary companion dog. Plus she is only five pounds compared to the sixty pounds Shawnee and Shasta are.

At the clinic this morning I got into trouble again. I had forgotten my purse in the car, and I left my pills in my purse. I have to take my Bi Polar meds in front of the nurse before she can give my dose. So I run out to the car to get my purse, without a bra on. Mind you there are only guys in the waiting room, and there are big windows down the sidewalk to my car. When I get back in the clinic all the guys start clapping and laughing. So I bow, and flash them. Just as I'm pulling my shirt down one of the councilors comes down the hall and sees me. So I get written up. Now if I do one more thing wrong I get kicked out of there, and would have to go to the clinic in Menasha.

I found out yesterday that Shawnee died, and today I was suppose to go see Jess again and we were going to screw again. Which I wanted to do very,very, very, very badly. Which I still want to do very, very badly. Now I have to wait until Saturday again. Now that I've broken my two year streak, I can't wait for more sex. I want my legs to get used to being on top again. I want to practice. Even if Jess gets sick of me I still want to have as much sex with him as I can. I want to get as good at it as I once was and be the best lay he's ever had. I can guarantee that he's never had anyone who will allow him to act out every fantasy he's ever had. I have to go out and buy a cock ring, that reminds me. I was thinking of buying one of those dildos that suction to a hard surface and you can ride it. I think that would be good practice for my legs. I should buy that online after I finish this blog. Wait I can't buy it on my aunts computer, but I can buy it on my phone. Thank god for smart phones with web browsers on them.

Oh yes, all the money I've saved up for Hawaii, I've decided to pay off some of the hospital bills I accumulated when I was scamming Dilauded out of doctors at the height of my addiction. I have enough to pay about half of those Dr. bills off. So at least my credit will be a little better. I might even be able to open a checking account. The four grand I borrowed my parents is still going towards Hawaii, but they haven't paid me back yet. So that's like having money in the bank. Its just not tangible.

So right now my mom and my aunt are talking about Hawaii. My aunt wants to come visit us in Hawaii this time. Going Scuba diving. My mom and dad are talking about going to Hawaii in the middle of August. I would wait 120 days for Eleanor's quarantine for Rabies blood test to be over before I go down there. Plus I would want to see how things with Jess work out. It would be nice to take Jess to Hawaii with me. I'm scared though. I don't want to stress him out. I don't want to take him away from his friends and family. Its really expensive to live there. My parents would have to really like him for him to be able to live with my parents. I think my parents are sick of having my boyfriends live with them. Although Jess is the first guy I liked who has held down a job the longest. I do think my dad would like Jess. My mom would definitely like him. Who knows if they will ever meet. If he ever comes over for a sex fest then they would meet.

I wonder if you guys will get sick of hearing about my sex life? Because you know on Sunday I will again tell you everything of what happened during Saturday and my time with Jess during sex and during just down time with him. You guys are going to get sick of hearing about Jess. Hopefully sex will keep it interesting. Sex has taken over my drug talk though. Has anyone noticed that. Normally I would talk about how much I want to shoot up Heroin, but instead I want to have Jess' cock inside of me. I want to draw out this sunshine and candy bar part of lusting after someone for as long as I possibly can.

If my parents do leave for Hawaii in August, and for some reason the house isn't done, I won't have a place to live. I would have to rent myself an apartment. I'd have to find a place that doesn't ask you to sign a year lease. That would be fucking hard.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Very sorry about your dog, Anna dear.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

u need to post i pics

Gledwood said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your doggie :-(

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the dawg...he is chasing rabbits in the Happy Hound Hunting Area of Dawgie Heaven...

Randy. S.

AnnaGrace said...

Thanks for your sympathy.

Pics of what, my dead dog?

Thanks for your sympathy also.

Anonymous #2(Randy S.)
Thanks for the pretty imagary. Although I think she would be hunting deer, because she would run deer in the woods everytime we would go out into the woods.

Boston Joe said...

Hey Anna.. Sorry bout your dog. Your dog elanor looks exactly like my wife's old dog that died a few years ago. Actually it was her Mom's dog, he was the cutest, yet most vicious little thing you ever did see!! I think me and her dad were the only 2 guys he didn't try to bite because he knew us, he was funny...
Anyways.. Please keep us updated on the sex thing!! I have not had great, unattached, uninhibited sex for SOOOO long that I crave hearing about it. You know the kind of sex you really can't have with your wife/husband cause you would think they were a freak sex!! hahaha!! Anyways, keep up the good work writing and good luck with all your plans!!

Anonymous said...

BOSTON JOE!!!!!! Where have you been?

It's beautiful things by the way


Noah said...

Sorry to hear about the doggy. When dogs have been around along time you really get used to them, it's almost like they are part of the family.