Friday, July 16, 2010

Secrects under my pillow

Tomorrow I will again be bedded by Jess. I can't wait to have sex again. I'm sure you guys are excited to hear about it again. This time he told me not to wear deodorant because he likes to lick armpits(its his fetish) and deodorant tastes bad. So I'll do as he asks.

I would have thought after the first time I wouldn't be nervous again, but I am. Weird huh? I guess its normal to have butterflies in your stomach when its only your second time with someone. Plus it has to be planned out because I live so far away. I'm not used to sex being planned. I'm used to it just happening. When its planned I have time to go over in my head every thing that could go wrong. It causes a lot of anxiety. I'm sure its the same for him. Well maybe not. He doesn't have the same body issues as I do.

I'm suffering from writers block right now. Nothing is coming to me. I'm watching Big Brother after Dark on Showtime 2 taped on DVR from last night. Eleanor is sitting next to me, and my parents are gone getting something for the horses in Bonduel Wisconsin. My dad just found out today that he got an extra 60,000 dollars from the Veterans to put into the new house, so there will be more construction on the new house so our move in date is going to be put back. My mom put up a huge fit, and she doesn't want to leave for Hawaii in the middle of August, so we are going to look at an Apartment in Green Bay on Monday. Its a really nice apartment in downtown Green Bay Wisconsin. One of the only high rise apartments in Green Bay right on the Fox river. Both my parents and I cannot stand living were we are.

We ended up here in the country outside of my hometown of Oconto Falls in a trailer that my uncle David owns. The reason the we moved in here is because when we came home from Hawaii we had no place to come home to. We came back to Wisconsin on a lark. I had gotten approved for SSI, and I had to get my jail time over with to start getting my payments. So my parents flew us all home, and my uncle David offered us his trailer because he was moving into an apartment and it would be perfect. We would pay him 500 a month(which is way too much this place is only worth 350 a month) and we would have a place to keep the horses, on his land. Now my dad is selling the horses. He wants to be able to travel without having to worry about paying to stable the horses. Its expensive to keep horses when you travel. Its expensive to just keep horses.

I got to go.


Gledwood said...

Yous 2 remind me of Napoleon and Josephine.

When he was returning from his wars he sent word ahead, insisting that she not bathe for 3 days, coz he liked her as was ...

Gledwood said...

ps you're telling me you're gonna live in a highrise just like out of Frasier..?? Wow.

Gledwood said...

O come on Anna reveal all. Or are you sleeping.... what time is it there. It is 12 mins to 5pm here. So it's gotta be nearly 10 or 11 in Wisconsin, or are you on Mountain Time.
I don't get the names of American time zones. Eastern... then what? Then Mountain, then Pacific. Or did I Mix up Mountain with Uh?? Time. Isn't Wisconsin in Chicago time? That would be the one before Mountain (going westwards), so what is that called
o what a boring comment
i hope you had fun tho

take care

Gledwood said...

for this hitcounter I need to set up an email, so they can email the code to it

you can only use this code to hitcount your current blog. if you started another blog, you would need a totally separate counter

if we wanna play at being 2 crazed old ladies we would need to set up new blogger ids so you could use the new email to do that as well