Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kill me romantically

I left Tuesday at 3ish for Oshkosh to see "that guy". I didn't get to Oshkosh until 5pm because the traffic was really bad, and I stopped at a gas station to pick up some alcoholic refreshments and a roast beef sandwich from Arby's so I wasn't hungry when I got there. It was so hot and humid out and there is no a/c in the Jeep so I rolled down the windows and let my hair whip around and slap me in the face. I chain smoked and listened to the radio the long ass ride down there. I was sweating, it had been pointless to put makeup on before I left because it was all sweated off by the time I got to his house.

I hadn't see "that guy" in a almost two weeks, so when I finally got to his house and seen him laying in his boxers napping he was even hotter than I remembered him. Him and his tattooed body, his cock, "Princess Sophia". I lay down next to him and touched him. He touches me. I am instantly wet. I touch his cock, and its hard. Some pre cum oozes out. I give him a hand job for a few minutes, then I give him head for a bit. I love to put Princess Sophia in my mouth. His cock is perfect for fucking and sucking. I took his cock as far down my throat as I could, and I gaged just a bit. Then I stopped, and took off my shirt, my bra, my pants, my panties, pulled down my tank top so my boobs were out. "That guy" pulls me down by him and my legs are spread he puts his cock inside my wet, ready pussy. Oh God, that first penetration feels so amazing. It always makes my eyeballs pop out of my head, and I gasp for air and say AHHH! Then he fucks me. Different speeds, different depths, every single moment is Ecstasy. Right before he cums he pulls out and takes off the condom and cums on my tits again.

Then later he was titty fucking me, and he had a huge load, and he came in my eye. Which never happened to me before. Pretty neat huh. I watched the cum shoot out of his cock, and the first pump wham in the eye, and then some on my face, and a whole bunch of seamen on my tits. That was a huge load.

That was after we went to the sex store, and I got a new Dildo, a clit tickler, a bullet, and Jess got two cock rings. He was using the cock ring before he titty fucked me, and the cock ring worked amazing well. It kept his cock rock hard, and he could fuck me like an animal. He usually does though. I guess this time there was no worry of his cock getting soft. He fucked me with my new dil, he used his tongue and I came so many times in the past two days. I came so much that I had to make him stop touching my clit because it was too sensitve to touch by then. I didn't even get to use my new clit tickler on myself yet, and I forgot it at his house. So hopefully I see him again soon, if only to get the bullet and the clit tickler. I'll leave the dil at his house. For him to use on me. I would buy a smaller one to put in my purse so I can carry it with me at all times, I'll carry my clit tickler and bullet with me. Maybe not the bullet. I can keep that in the night stand, but the clit tickler, I can always use that in my purse. Say I'm at my Phycs. Dr. and waiting in the waiting room. I can go in the bathroom, use my new little machine, cum, then see my Dr. tell him I masturbated see what his thoughts are on that.

On Wednesday morning we had to wake up early so we could go to the Methadone clinic. Its a longer drive from Oshkosh to Green Bay than it is from Oconto Falls to Green Bay. So "That guys" brothers, girlfriend Natalie drove us to the clinic so I didn't have to drive. Her boyfriend came along too. So all four of us drove up to Green Bay so I could get my dose. After that we went to McDonalds, I had a sausage, egg, and cheese Mcmuffin with a Mocha Frappe. Then Jess, Natalie, and Rory wanted to go to The Exclusive Company. A record store in Green Bay. So we went there. We had to wait in the car for a few minutes because we got there before it opened. When it did open we all looked around at CD's, Records, DVDs, music on DVD. Jess got a shirt. I ordered a CD. The Oohlas, Best Stop Pop.

On our way back to Oshkosh Rory slept, Natalie drove, I was tired because the Methadone was kicking in, and Jess was tired. I put my head in his lap, but then my head and hands were next to his penis. Which means I can't leave it alone. I rubbed his cock almost the whole way back from Green Bay. I wanted to give him a blow job so badly, but because we were in a car with his brother and his girlfriend I couldn't whip out his cock, and suck on it, or at least give him a hand job skin on skin. Not just through his pants. As soon as we got back to his house we screwed. I don't remember what we did after that. I know I took a long nap on Wednesday after sex. I was tired because of my Methadone and Clonazepam.

After I woke up from my nap, Jess wasn't at the house. Natalie was there. She was on the computer, and I wanted to see the wedding pictures from Jess's wedding. Mainly I had forgotten what his ex looks like. We couldn't find his wedding pictures, but Natalie had some photos from the wedding in her room. Just two pictures of Jess and Melissa during their first dance from behind. So I could only see what her frame looks like, and her hair color. Then Natalie found one, where they had stopped by and cut cake at Jess' Dad's house. That one we struck gold on. Melissa was in that photo, and I remembered exactly what she looked like because there was a photo of her right in front of me. She is very pretty. Although you can tell she's sort of evil by her eyes. Seriously she has devilish eyes. Not ugly by any means. Beautiful, but devilish. She has a great body. Bitch. Just kidding. I can't blame her for that. She is a bitch because she fucked around on her husband, and had a kid by someone else. Then when Jess let one of his friends stay at their place for a long time, and neither his friend nor Melissa had a job, and Jess was supporting both of them, Melissa fucked his friend. Poor Jess caught them.

I found all this out because I asked. I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help myself. I stopped myself from going into a million different questions like I wanted to. I could have quizzed him about his childhood up until the moment we were sitting there and I was asking him those questions. He was all wrapped up ordering these t-shirts online. They are funny t-shirts, and if you come up with a funny t-shirt idea you win money plus free t-shirts. Jess came up with a funny idea. I won't give out on here, because people will steal it and make money off it.

Fuck, I've been using his name instead of that guy. That guy hasn't been reading my blogs even though he knows how to get to them, he knows that I write about him. But I haven't been writing about him all the time anymore. He would probably get board reading about me. Who cares what I think unless it is about you. Right. Still even then I don't he cares what I think. Unless its about his cock. I don't mind that he doesn't read my blog. If he did I would probably censor myself more. Not tell every detail about every thing. Like my period would get left out. God knows everyone MUST know when I do and don't have my period. How heavy the flow is. How long it lasts.

I have to go and spell check this now. So I can watch a movie. Sorry this blog sucks still.


Sweden said...

what do u mean blogS, you have more than one? whats the other one?

also jesus yer blog is like basically porn now LOLZ

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad you got to spend some time with that guy.

Have a good weekend.

Kelley said...

I would love it if you actually masturbated b4 seeing your therapist and then telling them! If you do go thru with it do tell us the details on what he/she says! BTW, hope things are goin well for ya and 'that guy'!!


Anna Grace said...

I think this blog was way to graphic. I sound like a whore. Its all true, but I bet you all cringed when you read this post.

Anna Grace said...

I have a blog on Myspace under ppfaceannagrace, but I don't really blog there anymore. I have some old posts there. Its where I first started blogging.

Sorry this blog was so pornish. I swear I will keep it down from now on.

Anna Grace said...

Sarcastic Bastard,
I'm glad I got spend time with that guy too. I'm glad he hasn't broken it off with me yet. I am fat and ugly and don't understand what he sees in me.

I'll try an have a good weekend.

I hope you have a good weekend.


Boston Joe said...

Hey... belive me, after what he went through with that fucking bitch I am sure looks don't mean everything to him. Also, you are not ugly, I mean you are overweight but done does that to you. Don't sell yourself short Anna, you seem like a really cool chick.. Not to mention you let him cum all over your tits and face, that always helps!! LOL.. no but really, don't get down on youself girl, hang in there!!

Danny said...

wow! your writing turns me on! "i bet you all cringed when you read this post." not so much a cringe as a shudder by being all horned up.

Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

you are SO hard on yourself, girl. you're pretty in ALL your pictures, whether they are the ones you say you're fat or skinny or in-between! also, this blog is awesome! i think that ppl love to read the nitty-gritty details like you write... most bloggers are too chicken-shit or just plain not good enough writers to really lay it out there like you do. you know i'm a fan :)

BEG said...

Anna, just discovered your blog. Your should write a memoir, or a fantasy, or a romance novel, (or a Porn screenplay). You have a's to hoping you use it!

sKILLz said...

I like the caramel frappes at Mc Donalds.
Last week there were free tickets on the cups and all the junkies were looking in the trash for them and asking people if they can have them right off their cup while they were eating. lol.

I'm a little behind why are you detoxing on your meth?

Glad you got a guy you like, hope he treats you the way you like and glad to hear the sex is hot.
it's ALWAYS a plus when the sex is hot.
Sometimes that's the only thing that keeps things going..

I didn't "cringe" when reading it either.
Yo you REALLY need to stop downing yourself..give yourself some credit!
stay up