Thursday, August 19, 2010

Piss and Blood

Yesterday I was over at that guys house. I left for his house from clinic after stopping at Shopko to pick up my crazy pills. As you all know my mom fills my pills and puts them in Monday thru Sunday container AM and PM. The only thing I have to do is stop at Shopko on my way home from the Methadone clinic and get my pills filled. She hides those damn Clonazepam on me, but I found them once again. I need at least...AT LEAST 5 a day to keep me feeling well. Now that I'm going down on my Methadone. I'm at 60 Milligrams of Methadone starting today. I'm thinking most of my sickness is phscyological. Except the diarrhea, and the insomnia, and the sore body, and the sweating all the time. The rest is just using dreams. I fucking HATE those using dreams. They are so realistic, and I swear sometimes in my dream I feel high. Sometimes its just a frustrating dream of me shooting up over and over and not being able to get high. Every now and again though I'll feel high for a few minutes.

On to my day over at that guys house. I got there around 11am. When I got there he was sleeping under the covers, so I laid down next to him, even though I needed to break down a Clonazepam and put it up my nose to make sure I didn't feel sick all day. I put it off though to lay down by him. I pulled the covers over me. That guy sorta woke up a bit. I felt to see if he was wearing any boxers, he wasn't. So like usual I touched his cock and it hardened up. Pre cum oozed out. I gave him a short hand job for a few seconds then I went straight to a blow job. He took off my bra, and I quick took of my shirt, pants, and undies. we 69ed for a while, and as always his tongue does magic. He's always trying to keep me quiet because he lives with other people so 69 is a good way to keep me quiet. I was taking his cock deep down my throat, but I can't find a good pace. I'm going to fast. He had me stop for a few seconds. So I got to enjoy while he licked my clit.

After a few second break I went back to sucking, and I found a pace I could handle. I used my hands and my mouth. Gawd I love his cock, its so sexy. I got the pace just right and he came. Instead of spitting I swallowed the load this time. His cum taste yummy. I had a belly full of dead baby sperm. What a waste. Every now and again I get that maternal instinct thing that comes over me, and I want to get knocked up. Of course I'm not stupid enough to stop taking my birth control and actually try to get knocked up. As a matter of a fact I don't think I can have kids. Pete(my ex) and I had un protected sex for five years, he pulled out maybe 10% of the time and I never got knocked up. I was only on birth control for the first three months of that relationship. Stupid I know, but we did it. I never got knocked up. Fuck, I don't even know that guy that well. I definitely don't want a kid with him right now. I do want kids someday, and I am 27. I get scared that soon my ovaries are gonna shrivel up and not be of any use when I'm ready to make babies with them. That guy smokes so his sperm count is probably pretty low, so even if a condom did break and I did for some ungodly reason forget to take my pill with my morning meds I doubt his swimmers would make it to my egg for fertilization. Knock on wood. Not that, that guy wouldn't be a great dad, he would. Just don't think we're quite at that stage. We aren't even boyfriend and girlfriend. We're not even in a relationship. I like him more than he likes me. He's fucking married still. He was a dad to a kid already, a better dad than I was a step mom to Pete's kid. I guarantee that. God I hate myself for that. I sometimes lay in bed and worry that I caused permanent damage to Pete's son because I was using around him. First and foremost I DO NOT want to be a Methadone mom. I know its better than being a using Heroin mom, but I don't want my baby born hooked to opiates. I would feel so selfish, it cause me to be very suicidal.

I keep getting off track to the really good part of this story. So yesterday, at that guys house they put in a new stove. The house smelled like natural gas really bad. So we stayed in the garage and smoked cigarettes, and waited for Van Vreedees people to come fix the gas line. While waiting I drank a couple Mike's Hark Pink Lemonade, and watched that guy and his younger brother play magic. That guys brother's girlfriend and I hung out and went from sitting in the garage with that guy to going in her room and watching the MTV unplugged Nirvana DVD I bought at Exclusive Company while I did a few lines of Clonazepam and drank some Mikes Hark Lemonade. That guys brother's girlfriend put my hair in pig tail braids and then wrapped them across my head. When I start drinking I start to sweat more. So I had to go get a scarf to wipe the sweat away with. Then Me and Natalie went down to see that guy and his brother mowing the lawn. Of course that guy looked all kinds of sexy mowing the lawn.

After that guy and his brother finished mowing the lawn, all four of us went to the skate park so that guy's brother could ride his skate board, and so that guy could use his RC car. That guys car broke, and his brother hadn't used a skate board in years, so watching didn't take long. We left soon after we stopped. We decided to go to the bar. When we got to the bar there wasn't very many people in there. Four one end of the bar, all males. Two one the other end of the bar one female, and the other a male. Then us four in the middle. I ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon, and a shot of Southern Comfort. I ended up having six shots of SO CO. When that guy wanted to leave, I didn't want to leave. I had songs coming up on the Juke box. My favorite Nirvana song, Drain You was coming up. Still it seemed that guy was adamant that we leave. So we leave.

By this time I am hammared. More drunk than I have been in a while. We go back to that guys house. We go straight to that guys room. I remember that I was horny. I also remember not being able to tell that, that guy was that drunk. He was of course hammard. I ended up passing out. I'm not sure if we did anything. I do know I was naked when I went to sleep. The next thing I know its 3 am, and I wake up and I'm peeing in that guys bed. He's totally passed out, and not feeling that I'm peeing on him. I try to wake him up and tell him to flip the mattress so we can sleep on the mattress still. He won't wake up. After a while I, get dressed, and get ready to go into the bathroom. When I walk out of the bedroom, that guys brother, and his girlfriend are out in the hallway. They invite me in their room, and I take up there offer. They had made Chicken pot pies. I got one, and I ate it. Then they packed a bowl, and I smoked some weed with them. I giggled, and laughed, and giggled, and laughed. Natalie and I made a pros and cons list as to why I should stay with that guy. They were a lot more pros than cons. The fact that he let me stay in the room with him after I pissed his bed.

Then this morning he woke up, and I woke up when I herd him rustling around. He had slept in the pee all night, because I couldn't get him to wake up all night. So he slept in my piss, and I didn't even get beat up for it. Then we went to have sex, and what do you know, I'm bleeding. I have my period. Which is dangerous for him. I have Hep C. I have no viral load, which means I'm not very contagious, but still don't want to take any chances.

Who wouldn't be surprised if that guy never texts me again, and never asks me to come over again. At least I got to give him a golden shower. He may not have wanted one, and he may have been so passed out that he didn't even notice that I pissed on him until the sun came up this morning.

Still that guy is so fucking hot. If I wasn't bleeding today, I would have fucked him so hard I wouldn't be able to see straight. Damn period.


Anonymous said...


Anna Grace said...

I know. Belive me I know. I was there. He texted me after all this. I can't belive it.

Noah said...

LMFAO! "had a golden shower whether he wanted it or not" heh! this blog was must have been way drunk huh? Did he bitch at you for urinating in his bed?

Anna Grace said...

I was beyond drunk, I was blitzed. No he wasn't pissed at me for pissing his bed.