Saturday, August 28, 2010

That guy fucked somebody else

So yesterday that guy didn't text me back all day or night. I texted him this morning, and he texted me back. I asked him why he didn't text me back or email me back, and he keeps avoiding the question which is making me suspicious. So I just texted him why won't you answer that question, did you do something bad? Now I just texted, if you fucked someone else just tell me. I have a feeling he did something like that. Perhaps he fucked his wife, or some chick he met at the bar after his magic tournament.

Okay I've given him enough time to respond and he's has not responded. So he fucked somebody else. I should have just broke it off with him yesterday like my gut feeling told me to. We don't have very much in common. He loves playing Magic, and he's never offered to teach me. His brother has offered to teach me more than once, but that guy has never offered to teach me. Clue number one he's not interested in a long term relationship. I don't know why I said I was in love with him, I've only seen him a total of five times. We've only fucked an average of 15 times. 2.5 times every time I go to see him.

Okay, I'm obsessing over him again. Its like if he doesn't txt me back one day I go mad. I can not text him all day and he doesn't text me all day, and I'm fine and he's fine. I doubt if he texted me and I didn't text back he would have this reaction. I'm over reacting. Right? But still I have this gut feeling that he fucked someone else. This morning when I texted him he was in bed with another women. Now he doesn't want to text me and tell me. I don't know when he plans on telling me. I think I might just call him. I'm sick of dealing with this shit. Its like he can't go two weeks without getting me all wired up. I need to take a bunch of Clonazepam. Which I am going to do right now. Sorry folks this blog was short and not to detailed, but I'm obsessing. I have to get ready to go out with Meghan, and I'm going to fuck someone else too. Fuck him. No I'm not, but still. I wish I could.

Love and hate you all.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hope you hear from him soon, and yes, you are likely overreacting.

You are loved,


Anna Grace said...

I had that gut feeling, never deny that guy feeling. Stupid horoscopes, never belive them. I should have broken up with him that day when I was going to, the day before he ignored my texts and probably fucked someone else. Two days before he broke off our fuckship.

Thanks for the good vibes though. Usually I would be over reacting, because the past three times I thought he was breaking it off with me I was over reacting.