Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm sitting here in the garage watching Two Men And A Truck pack and load all of our shit onto a truck. Flys are landing on me like I'm a fresh piece of shit. I'm writing this post from my phone because the laptop is packed up and I the back of huge truck. My dad thinks they will be done moving us in an hour or two, but I know they won't be done until least four o'clock. So my dad is sure they will be done by two O' clock. He's in a pissy mood because we aren't going to make his totally unrealistic deadline of noon.

I can confidently say I'm over that guy. No more tears, hardly any thoughts except for right now because I'm writing about him. I've thought about what I'm going to do with his birthday gift, and I'm going to send to him in the mail with a bday card. I'm just going to say it was meant for you, no hard feelings. I think that's the grown up thing to do. Maybe I'll apologize for spamming with text and emails the first two days he broke up with me, but didn't tell me and then the two days after he told me that we were no longer in a fuckship.

There is this guy who I met when I went out with Meghan, he begged me for my phone number. His name was Craig and he was this really cute 25 year old guy. He looked like Buddy Holly with those horned rimmed glasses and his pants were really tight and so was his Weezer sweatshirt. I'm sure he was trying to be River the lead singer from Weezer, and I accused him of that. I did end up giving him phone number and he called the next day, but I told him I was seeing someone. He called me four more times after that and I didn't pick up, and he left really funny messages. He had called just three days before that guy broke off the fuckship. Now that I know there is no chance of getting back together with that guy, I can call Craig and see if he's still interested. This time I'm not fucking him right away, who knows I might fall for this guy too. I don't want to be rode and put away wet like I was with that guy. Which I can only blame myself for. I went over to his house the first expecting sex, not to really like him. Not gonna make that mistake twice.

This all my fingers can muster for now, I'll blog later on the wi fi in the lounge at our complex.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

This is a really mature post. I think you are exactly right about sending the t-shirt and note. Don't apologize though. What's done is done.

And to not jump right into bed with Craig (or anyone else) is usually a good policy. I have done it myself once or twice, but I don't think it's the smart way to start a relationship.

Love you lots. Hope the move goes well. Have a great holiday weekend.


BMelonsLemonade said...

You may not like this comment, but I used to be a lot like you. I am much older and wiser now, and I wish someone had given me this piece of advice a long time ago. Forget about the boys...focus on yourself, and your writing. Make yourself happy without relying on a relationship with another person. When you are happy all by yourself, the boys will be drawn to you then. Confidence and happiness draws decent men like fucking flies. Don't push it. Don't rush it. And when they do come, remember never to settle for less. You are a beautiful woman, and until a man is willing to treat you like a queen...then he is not good enough. (If I had followed this advice years ago I would not be dealing with a loser baby daddy, and a loser ex husband, and a whole slew of loser ex boyfriends...) You deserve better.

Anonymous said...

The best way to stick it to him, is no contact at all. See if he comes to you. if not, then FUckkkkkkk it.


Anna Grace said...

Thanks for the props. I'll be sure not to apologize. Consider your advice taken.

Anna Grace

Anna Grace said...

I think your advice is pretty sound. Before that guy I hadn't dated nor been with anyone sexually for two years. I didn't find happiness in those two years, but I did write. I hope I find happiness within myself this time around. This time I'll be looking.
Anna Grace

Anna Grace said...

April aka Anonymous #1,
its been two days since I texted,emailed, or called that guy and I don't plan on ever writing or speaking to him again. I don't think he gives a shit what I do as long as I don't bother him.
Thanks for the advice anyways A. Remember when you drunken texted me the night I got laid for the first time in two years? Lol!