Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pale Blue eyes, said sweet Jane

Got some news about what happened to Jess' brother and his brother's girlfriend after he broke up with me. Rory moved out and in with a new girl, Natalie got her heart broken too, and even worse than I did. She is still living in Rory's dad's house with Jess. She's seeing someone. I think now that she's not with Rory, and I'm not with Jess, it would be fun to go out with her to the bar in Oshkosh. I like this one bar call the Lizard lounge. Go out me the fat one, her the skinny one, and just get shit faced. Hopefully I can not have to see Jess. I think he thinks I'm trying to get back with him. The furthest thing from my mind is getting back with him. I'm over him now.

All these things are interesting to me, but to you, well you could probably care less. I say that I'm over Jess, but really in the back of my head I'm thinking I can go out with Natalie in Oshkosh, and since she still lives with Jess, I would have to stay over at Jess' house and then would get to see him. It would be awkward, and I wouldn't know what to say to him. I would defiantly make it seem like I was totally over him. I might even try to avoid him , and just try to pop my head in and just look at him for a second. Not even let him know I was there.

If Jess were to ask me to have sex I'd say yes, but if he were to ask me to be in a relationship I say hell no. Even if he asked me if it could back to how it was I would say no. I got to emotionally involved and he didn't. I got hurt he didn't. To get him to text me back, I had to make it clear I was not texting him in order to get him back. Which is true. I was just curious as to what happened between Natalie and Rory.

I just plugged in my MP3 player and nothing is coming up. It went dead, and the battery wasn't even all the way dead. Bullocks, I hope this one didn't take a shit on me. I paid 90 dollars for it. I didn't get insurance on it, so I can't send it back for a new one. I think they come with a year warranty that nothing will go wrong with them directly from the factory. So I can send it back and get a new if this one is defective. This one is hard to use, its a touch pad, and it never does what I want it to do when I touch its pad.

But, I'm going to go, and work on my Mp3 player, and spell check this blog. Now that I told the truth of how I feel. God, I would be mortified if Jesse read this blog. Thank God he never took an interest in my blog even when we were together, and my blogs were all about him. I still thing its weird that he never cared to read what I wrote about him.


elizabeth said...

Anna, you really need to find something constructive to do besides go to the clinic, blog, sleep etc. If you cannot get a job, atleast volunteer or something. Help with English as a second language, read to people in nursing homes, volunteer at the animal shelter...SOMETHING!! Now you are on a vicious treadmill and nothing will ever change unless you do SOMETHING!! I have become very fond of you just through reading your blog, I and many others I am sure want better for you! IMHO........

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I think it's weird too, but men are weird. I would want to know what somebody was writing about me.