Saturday, November 27, 2010

Carlos stop that.

Jess has that pzazz, that chemistry you can't bottle. He makes friends fast.  He's the same height as me, maybe a few inches taller than me. He keeps his hair short, with a longer part in front so he can do a little do. He is growing a beard, and a mustache. He has devilish eyes, and he is a mans man.
I went over to his house on Tuesday for another round of casual sex. Found out that he is now the lead singer in a band. He just ends up in cool things like that. He's got a good voice, and since it is a rock, metal band he will fit in perfectly. Him being in a band is a good thing for his love life, girls love guys in a band. He will have groupies in no time. Probably before his first show. He maybe thirty five and live with his dad, but its only because he's going through a divorce, he's saving up money to move out and in with his friends. He maybe thirty five, but he looks like he's twenty five. He has a grown up side to him, and a side that isn't grown up at all.
Seriously I don't know why he wastes his time with me. He could do so much better. I think he knows that, and that's why he keeps me as a casual sex partner.

So on Wednesday I went out on a date with the guy I met on He was funny, and sweet. I invited him back to the apartment to laminate four photos he had of himself and his parents when he was a baby. They are the cute photos. I ended up braking the laminating machine, and having to go to Kinko's to laminate them. When we went out to have a cigarette we ended up watching my neighbor give her boyfriend a blowjob. Sean, that's his name. Sean was amazed that I was as excited to watch this girl go down on her boyfriend as he was. Of course I was, how often do you get to see your neighbors leave their blinds wide open, and lights all on, while she kneels down, and he unzips his pants, pulls out his wenis, and she blows him. The dog couldn't seem to stay away from them and was circling around as she went down on his cock. After she was done they got ready to leave, then they came outside where we were standing smoking cigarettes, watching them. When they got into there car and left we put out our smokes and went inside. No more show. He told me this was the best date he ever had. He would like to take me on the road with him when he goes traveling for his stand up.

So now I have a guy who likes me, and a guy who doesn't, but uses me for sex. I'm reading Junky again. I can never get enough of that book. That book and Heavier than Heaven the bio of  Kurt Cobain.Who do I like more. Jess right now, because I know him better, but if I gave Sean a chance. Neither of them are good matches for me astrological. I'm an Aquarius, and Jess is a Virgo, and Sean is Capricorn. Virgo is better than Capricorn for me. Still none of them are great. I need a Libra, or Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius are the signs I should be looking for.

I got high today, but not on junk.  


Gledwood said...

Junky by Burrows?

Try UP AND DOWN WITH THE ROLLING STONES, by Keith's Heroin/coke dealer. Best drug porn there is

Gledwood said...

the author is TONY SANCHEZ, AKA "Spanish Tony"

he hasn't got a wikipedia page (why not??)

Here's Anita Pallenberg's article. Young Anita reminds me of Melody Lee. I wish she would write her memoirs. Of any rock chick's memoirs hers I'd go for.

Here's her wiki page

Gledwood said...

I meant Anita Pallenberg's memoirs. I'd buy Melody's too