Sunday, November 21, 2010

Porno blog. Fucking and sucking..

I'm sitting naked in a small messy, dimly lit room. Jess is sitting next to me rolling a joint wearing boxers. We just got done having sex. He's telling me about why his last romance fizzled out. He tells me it was because he met her on a dating web site and she just had a head shot, she put her body size as stocky. They had a good thing going over the phone, but then she came up to visit him and he said she was built like a line backer. While he's telling me this, I think to myself my body isn't the best, but maybe he likes that I have soft curves, and big boobs. Still I feel uncomfortable about my body as he talks about hers. I wish I had a perfectly fit body. I sit on Jess' bed and chain smoke, we listen to Eagles of death Meal.  I ask him what drew him to her her. He say her picture. An a honest answer from a man. Men are visual  animals. I wonder to myself why he still wont even consider being in a relationship with me .  It seems the more he pulls away the more I want him to come closer.  Girls always want what they can't have.  Hint to men. Its all about the chase.

I lay back on the bed and start to play with my nipples. Just as a nervous habit. Jess notices. I see him look once, then look back a second time. Then he comes crawling towards me. He can't resist he wants to touch my breasts. He puts his lips on my nipples and nibbles. He goes back and forth from one to the other. Then he kisses me deeply. He takes off his boxers and enters me. We fuck again.

When we are done, we decide to get dressed and go to the gas station and pick up some beer. So we go to the gas station, and I pay, because I just got a big winning at the casino. We drive back to his place and drink in his room. We watch the History channel. We take our clothes off again because its hot in his room. So we sit and drink . He gets a phone call, and I go to the bathroom. I come back to his room and he tells me his friend is coming over to play magic with him. I'm welcome to stay, but I tell him I have to be gone by ten. I say I'll sit and wait to see what this kid looks like. We have sex one more time, and get dressed. We go down to the garage. I get bored waiting to see this kid, and I leave. He kisses me goodbye. We both know this is just sex. Although I do get attached again a little bit. I remind myself he doesn't want me. He wants my sex.

I drive home all the way from Oshkosh thinking about what just happened. Jess had banished me from his life for three months,and now he lets me back in for a booty call. He pretends like he never broke my heart. I only have myself to blame for getting hurt in the situation.

Now I have found someone online, and I have one last booty call with Jess this week. I haven't met the guy I'm suppose call today at 3 and set up a date with yet, so I don't know if I like him better than Jess. I do know that I like Jess' cock, and his sex a lot. I like everything about Jess, even the fact that I can't have him. It turns me on. I can't resist this booty call.


Gledwood said...


ps word verification says "comes"

Anna Grace said...

Booty call american term for sex with no strings attached.

Gledwood said...

I never knew that till you mentioned bootycall the other day. I'm not sure most people here would know that. Maybe the kids do. I'm not down wid da kids NEmore haha!