Friday, November 19, 2010

online dating

I met a guy on a online dating website called We are a 75% match, and yesterday we texted for about an hour, and he seems cool. He lives about 35 minutes away. He has a car, and a job. This time no getting obsessed over a guy. I don't even know for sure if I like this guy. I haven't even met him yet. He is funny. His profile seems almost perfect. His picture is cute.

Being a girl in the Internet dating world you have to be very care full. A lot of pervs and physcos out there. I gave this guy my blog address so he can read everything that happened this summer with Jess, and my obsession. I told him about Jess, and that Jess and I still do bootycalls.

This guy has a lot of similarities to Jess. I think I still have a thing for Jess, but I've given up on Jess because I know he doesn't want a relationship with me.If I didn't like him and his cock I wouldn't still be fucking him after his Internet set up went arye. I'm being used by Jess, and I don't mind it.

If this guy I met online works out Jess would stop being a bootycall. No cheating.  


Gledwood said...

Is that what bootycall means? I thought it was just a song title... never pondered what it might mean.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Good luck, Anna. I hope he is a good guy. You deserve someone who reciprocates your feelings and treats you with respect and kindness.